A Dilemma


I have to start by emphasizing that what I truly love about the green beauty brands and vendors I follow is their authenticity – they genuinely care about you, the environment, and in maintaining their philosophy. They start out small but mighty, and it feels like every brand and consumer is a part of their family. Integrity Botanicals, one of my favorite vendors, even sends out handwritten cards with every purchase you make, each special to and respective of your order.

I just don’t see these same qualities in the big companies that pile toxic products on you and the Earth. This is why I feel a little sad when I see major companies like Sephora carrying more and more green brands (I mean true green brands like RMS Beauty, not their green-washed brands). Although I do recognize it’s important for a company to transform their principles for the better and continuously grow, at the same time you can’t deny they never started with the philosophy to bring to you safe products. Thus, it is an option they are only doing it now in order to expand their consumer base rather than have it stem from their genuine concern.

The flip side of the coin is that this shift can in fact be seen as a positive occurrence because it shows how more and more of us are transforming the world around us to cater to our green mentality! We are demanding, and our needs and wants are being met- this is powerful. I also think that it is amazing that so many girls and guys can get exposure to non-toxic beauty through such popular outlets. After all, they’re the ultimate go-to for so many people who need skincare products, cosmetics, fragrance, beauty tools, etc. In fact, I myself shop here once in a while, and don’t plan on just completely stopping.  You just cannot deny they carry a LOT of products, and have attractive options such as the free gifts and samples they offer. I mean, hey, I used to shop there CONSTANTLY, and if they had started carrying these lines earlier, it would have sooner catalyst my transition into non-toxic beauty. For these reasons, I have to acknowledge that it actually isn’t so bad for bigger companies to start selling these products~ you get recognition, awareness, and aid to shift mentality.

However, it doesn’t keep me from feeling torn apart at the same time, knowing that there have been so many wonderful vendors- such as the ones I mentioned in a previous blog post about Green Beauty Go-To’s– that have made it their mission from the very start to share non-toxic beauty, health, and wellness with you. If Sephora started to carry these lines years ago, it’s very probable that I would have never discovered Integrity Botanicals and other green vendors, nor all the wonderful green brands they introduce to you. I would also miss out on absorbing the wealth of information from all their knowledgable blogs and articles. This is why, even if Sephora carried every single truly natural, non-toxic brand that I use, I would still feel inclined to shop at the vendors that helped me truly understand not only the importance of non-toxic living, but were also the true catalysts in helping me transition into a much greener world.

Let me know your thoughts on what you think about this topic. 🙂