Go-to’s for Green Beauty

Where can I purchase these products?

I am constantly discovering new vendors, and I haven’t seen one yet that disappoints (so awesome to know that the demand for green beauty attests to the increasing numbers of vendors out there)! Now although I haven’t found one site where I can find EVERYTHING I need in one shot, these come really close. My top 3 favorite vendors are super good at making sure they are quickly bringing in newly released products from the brands that they do carry, and for those that they don’t, they are continuously expanding and adding new ones.

Integrity Botanicals

If you guys read my About Me post, you’ll know that this was the first vendor that I actually started my transition into green beauty with. Among my first purchases were the Antioxidant Dew from Kypris, and the Altruist W3ll foundation. Although I haven’t used these products in a long time, they’ll always hold a special place in my heart since they too were a part of my transition. But Integrity Botanicals? It’s my perfect green Sephora, and I’m pretty sure Terri and Marc may be tired of writing their beautiful handwritten postcards thanking me for their orders…I have honestly emailed I think over ten times so far asking them to edit my orders (to add products instead of lessen hah), and every time they respond so quickly to take care of any issues, or any product questions I may have. Their customer service is ahhhmazing!

As for the products they carry, this is directly from their page: “We spend a great deal of time evaluating each product that comes across our desk and also cross-referencing each ingredient with the EWG Skin Deep Database to determine its safety rating.” Not only do they make sure their products are safe, but they also test each one to make sure they are effective and have that “WOW” factor, as they call it. Now one thing to keep in mind is that because of their philosophy, some products that you find other green beauty vendors selling, may not be found here- such as certain shades of Kjaer Weis products, as they contain artificial colorings (nail polish is an exception, which they do disclose on their site). It reveals a lot about their commitment to bring the best to their customers because they choose to really inspect the ingredients in their products, and even if the product may be very popular, they will choose to not sell it if it doesn’t meet their standards. Since they still carry so many top brands and products, and prove just how meticulous and passionate they are about the quality of their ingredients, I still consider them to be one of my top three vendors.

Another plus is that you can choose which samples you want- you get THREE free samples every purchase you make, and they do such a great job with their vast selection they offer. So take advantage of this and make sure to try out some products to see if its a good fit before you commit. They also have one of the lowest free shipping standards – for a cart worth $50, you will get free shipping. I’m not sure about you, but I never have trouble with that quota…

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Detox Market

 This is another vendor I often use since they also carry so many great products. Some lovely brands that I find here that are not currently sold on Integrity are: RMS Beauty, Rituel de Fille, and Odacite.

Detox Market also shares a wonderful philosophy of safety and efficacy: “Each product must meet our strict ingredient safety standards. We then test each item to ensure it works exceptionally well and we love it. Finally, we look to each brand for like-minded passion, ethics, and standards. We believe your beauty products need to look good, feel good, and be good for you.”  It’s great when you know the products being sold have been tested by those who are selling them, it adds another layer of trust to the vendor.

They have specials on their page which you can qualify for depending on the amount that you spend, and I have to say, no one gives specials like Detox Market does. They are my absolute favorite in this- at one point they were gifting Osmia Himalayan Salt Scrub if you spent a certain amount, and being one of my FAVORITE PRODUCTS OF ALL TIME, I have to say I really appreciated that one. Even as of right now, I see 4 specials up. They also send samples with your orders, even though you don’t choose them. They do have a sample program however where you can select up to 4 desired products (if they are available to sample) and try them out for $7.99!

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 And what do I purchase from this here that the others do not currently carry? You can find quite a few different brands here that aren’t found on the previous two I mentioned, but what draws me here is Nu Evolution and Kosas, among a few others.

And without fail, once again, I love what they do: “Realizing that true transparency does not exist in the beauty industry, I set out to create a safe haven where people KNOW that EVERY product is safe – free of parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, endocrine disruptors or other toxic chemicals, and were not tested on animals. No exceptions. But where all of the products also still work and deliver all of the performance I had come to expect (and love) working in the industry.” Doesn’t that sound good to you?? It takes all the work out of beauty- you just know you can trust their selections, and just focus on shopping. I find that many green vendors and brands uphold very high standards because the owners genuinely have a passion for healthy and non-toxic living, and I feel very good knowing I can trust the products they are offering me. I know I can be confident and at ease when I visit their store.

AILLEA also sends beautiful samples along with your orders, and has free shipping on orders over $50.

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Do you shop at these vendors as well?
Let me know your thoughts. 🙂