Favorite Eye Makeup Basics

I don’t wear eyeshadows often, but I do LOVE my liner and mascara, so these must-have products beautifully set up the basic foundation for my everyday look.

Let’s start by emphasizing that I have very sensitive eyes, and very, very oily eyelids- even the “crease-free” touted green eyeshadows and silica powders don’t stand up to the job as much as I’d like. I really do not know why this is the case for me. -__- However, thankfully over the years I’ve found what works for me.


RMS Vintage Cake Liner ($24) Prior to this, I was using the Zuzu Luxe Liquid Eyeliner, and I really did like it- easy to apply, smooth formula, and pigmented. However, I love being able to use my Gressa angle liner brush ($13) with this black paste to create a nice, rich black line (Gressa brushes are my all time fave, excellent quality and performance). I like having more control over which brush I can use, and I also prefer a paste over liquid- this product is more concentrated, pigmented, and does last a decent amount of time This is an amazing substitution for those who love their conventional gel eyeliner.  Not only that, but due to the nature of the formulation, you are getting a product that will last you a very long time and makes the price so worth the purchase.

I use this only along my lash line with my Gressa brush. I will dip my brush in water and then proceed to dip into the liner and swipe the brush along each side to make a light paste. Then I’ll make a line from the middle of my lid all the way to the edge and wing it out. I’ll use this brush process twice, for each eyelid. Make sure you are not using too much water, as this will dilute the product and make the color look less pigmented. If you want a bold, black brow, try to be mindful and lightly wet your brush. As I have oily eyelids, if I use this (or any other eye liner whether liquid, gel, or pencil) to wing my eyeliner out, it will fade away. My lash line survives the oil storm thankfully, so I continue to apply it there.


100% Pure Black Tea Long Last Liquid Eyeliner ($30) This is where my Pure eyeliner comes in! My holy grail for oily eyelids. BUT note that I cannot put this all over my lid, as I find my eyelashes stick and clump together, and my mascara does not go nicely over this at all. Plus, the brush is very thin and works best for me when lining my wing, not my lash line. Thus, for sticking close to my lash line, I use the RMS Vintage Cake Liner. And for when I want to wing my eyeliner out, which is most of the time, this is where the product really shines.

After I apply my RMS cake liner along my lid and wing it out as well, I get this 100% Pure Liquid Liner and layer it over my outer wing- it doesn’t get on my eyelashes, and it provides all-day lasting liner. Win-win combo! This is the only green beauty eyeliner I have tried that truly can last, and if it ever discontinues, I really doubt I can easily find something so effective for my super oily eyelids. Try not to lay it on too thick, as it does start peeling away. It is pricey, but with the way I utilize the product, it truly lasts a long time.


Plume Lash Science ($38) I love multipurpose products- and really who doesn’t. I used the serum before to condition and promote growth in my lashes, but my eyes would get very sensitive, and thus I had to stop. However, I love that I can use the formula on my eyebrows to not only help condition and promote hair growth, but also serve as a go-to makeup product. I have the color Cinnamon cashmere and its a perfect match. Besides being very satisfied with the color match for my brows, I also love that its such a creamy, easy-to-apply formulation. Plus, it comes with an angled brush that you can also use to brush out your brows!

I’ll use either the brush it came along with, or a flat brush, to dip into the product and shape/fill-in my eyebrows, and it will look great. Remember to start out slow with the brows, as it’s easy to go overboard. I tend to not use a lot of pressure with my brush as I am filling in my brows, but if I am shaping them along the bottom edge, I will use a little more pressure to press more pigment into my skin. If I know I have a long day ahead of me, I will add a brown eyeshadow on the brush I am using to make with the formula last even longer. However, I find that even through my workday, the product will stay on quite well. I am very satisfied with this pomade, and once again, find it a beautiful green substitution from conventional brow products.


Teri Miyahira Mascara ($34) So, I’ve tried a lot  of green mascaras, and honestly I was blown away by this little tube. BLOWN. AWAY. I’m a bold lashes type of girl, and this product not only gives major volume, but length as well. That combination has been so hard to find for me in green mascaras. The formula is also great, as it dries up quickly, but is not so dry that I can’t apply it easily or layer as I apply more coats. It’s so good, in fact, that I have 3 back-ups right now, as she rotates her makeup and it’s a limited edition product. We can only pray she makes it as a permanent addition to her line because I LOVE this stuff. I just cannot emphasize my love for it enough.

Once again, as my eyelids get very oily, I will have some product rub off underneath my eyes, but setting under my eyes with  powder helps address this issue. Otherwise, it’s nothing new, all mascaras have done the same for me. I love dramatic lashes, so I will coat my eyelashes a few times with this product before it completely dries, and walla! With my eyeliner, brows, and lashes in place, I’ll be good to go.