DIY Gift For Holidays

A Gift For The Holidays

There’s nothing more beautiful than a nicely designed crystal bottle…which has some alcohol within ;). But really, presentation can make all the difference in a gift, and if you really take the time to pay attention to quality of the details, you can make something that is very unique and beautiful. I made this Liquor a few days ago for a loved one, and it’s sure to make a wonderful gift for anyone during the holidays. Whether it’s for family, friends, or a gift for a lovely hostess, it will most definitely serve to impress.


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There are a plethora of options for glass/crystal decanters, just make sure to select one that is of good quality. I originally ordered one, only to open it and find that the glass was barely clear, and it was quite small. I was very disappointed and had to return the item. I switched to searching for crystal choices and found them superior in appearance.

Some options to consider:

~ from Kate Spade (click here). The “ours” detail makes this so cute, and a great gift    for an anniversary. I actually wanted this one but it was out of stock when I went shopping!

~ from Lenox (click here). This was my final choice! It’s such a beautiful bottle to be sure- the shape of it, however, posed an issue to when I wanted to mix my liquor, thus you would have to make your concoction beforehand and pour into this when it’s ready.

~from Lenox (click here). This is such a cool decanter- it’s a beautiful option and surely men will love to showcase this unique addition in their bar.

As you can see, there are so many great options, and depending on who the recipient is, you can find a bottle to suit their unique style. Seriously, just google decanters and you get so many cool choices presented to you. Macy’s has plenty of discounted options and sales, and you can even find decanters on Amazon- there will be options online for every budget! Yet again, pay attention to the size, and try to avoid those of questionable quality. Crystal will most definitely look nicer.

The Liquor

PacketAs to what’s inside? It is very customizable- once again, there are endless options to what you can create. When I went to Europe over the summer, I was in Germany for most of the time, and went wine tasting two times (YUM, German Riesling is truly unmatched). In one of these wineries, they were selling a packet which had the ingredients to make your own liquor! Mind you, it was in German, so I had to type it into Google Translate one by one when I got back home.

In reality, its very easy to make your own liquor- sugar, and something to flavor it with. This packet was enough for 2 Liters, and since my crystal decanter was enough for just 1 Liter, I split the ingredients by half. For those who do not have access to packets such as this, here is a recipe I found which can tell you the quantities you need to make Rose Liquor- click here. Aside from rose petals and sugar mentioned in that link, my recipe consisted of the addition of hibiscus, candy, rose candy, dried lemon and orange slices. You can add or combine any ingredients you see fit to your own creations- this is what makes it so fun.

I chose Vodka as my choice of alcohol, and poured approximately 1 Liter into the decanter along with the dry ingredients. I suggest doing this first in a glass bowl, as, again, stirring will pose an issue. The color immediately turned into the most beautiful light pink color, perfectly mimicking that of a rose. The aroma was intoxicating as well.

I unfortunatley did not realize that I should have mixed everything in a separate glass bowl prior to pouring the mixture in the decanter, as the hole in the middle of the crystal bottle made it particularly difficult to stir. The sugar and heavier ingredients such as the candy will sink to the bottom, and you will need to stir often over the course of 4-6 weeks as the ingredients dissolve and seep their flavor into the alcohol. In general, no matter what the shape of your decanter, and whether it is of glass or crystal, they are of a delicate nature, and it’s best to not stir in them in the case of an accident that may result in breaking or chipping the bottle. You can always pour the mixture into a separate, normal glass container so that it’s easy for you to mix often, and when you are ready to give as a gift, pour into your nicer decanter bottle. You could thus make many quantities of this up to two months beforehand, and while everyone is scrambling to put together gifts, you will be ready to go once the holidays roll around! You can of course also give the fancier, empty bottle and your plain glass bottle containing your mixture to your recipient at the same time, and when they deem it ready, they can pour it themselves.

To finish up the presentation, I used three different sizes/textures in my ribbons to create the final look, once again proving that details are everything. Can you imagine a poinsettia on this as well? So lovely. After the span of only two days, my mixture had already turned into a beautiful, rich red color. I can’t wait to see how this turns out in a few months!

Try this out…and you may find it’s also a great gift to keep for yourself ;)!

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