Masquerade Series: Intro

There was a point where I really wasn’t making a habit of using masks. It’s not even that I had forgot about them but I simply wasn’t focused on using or (re)purchasing them. More specifically, I was trying to heal my over-exfoliated and compromised skin so it was important to take a break from them. They truly do, however, make a visible difference in your skin if you are using them correctly; after all they are concentrated and powerful products. The best part about them is you can see the difference in your skin directly after the treatment, whereas with other skincare products you need to dedicate a proper testing period to assess the results. I like to alternate, combine, or follow up clay-based/detoxifying masks with hydrating/nourishing masks, that way I’m not irritating my skin and I’m maintaining a balance. If hydration/moisture is your main concern, masks which you don’t wash off will be your best bet, one of which of these options I talk about in my series. Remember to not abuse your masks by using them too frequently (particularly the more intense options), and don’t leave them on your skin longer than the recommended time. If used correctly, they can keep your skin free of congestion, rejuvenated, and left with improved skin texture. Now a days, you’ll find me masking at least twice a week. It’s one of my favorite self care habits and it’s one of the easiest. I used to think I don’t have the extra time to spend on masking, but once you take the opportunity to do chores/multitask the same time you are partaking in self care, there’s really no excuse not to do it; seeing the benefits on your skin will keep it habitual.

Since I’m obsessed with masks, I’ve tried different brands over time; some I have been repurchasing for a while, and others are quite new. I want to spend some time to talk about these different masks and share my experiences with them. Notably, all are formulated well, green & clean, and none of these mentioned products make me break out. To me, these are superior to the conventional masks I would get from Sephora and would wreak havoc on my skin. Of course masks can also simply be homemade, from a one-ingredient Manuka honey mask to those with multiple ingredients made from items you can find in your fridge. I choose to purchase mine rather than make my own, but that is just my preference. Find whatever works for you, but make sure to do a patch test before you apply the full mask so you can avoid any negative reactions!

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