Masquerade: Osmia Organics

Adzuki Nourishing Mask ($40 for 1.4 OZ)

If May Lindstrom represents the type of indulgent experience that combines the feel of high-end luxury with nature, Osmia Organics represents the luxury of nature. Whereas with the former you discover heavenly scents and spices that make you feel like Cleopatra, with the latter you are able to experience nature at its simplest and at its finest. I like to think of the founder, Dr. Sarah Villafranco, as the female Josh Rosebrook- they both are able to combine ingredients from nature in such a way that the end products may seem simple, but in fact are very efficient and activate your olfactory system with the most beautiful, unmasked scents.

I love many Osmia products, and this one is no different (I reviewed this same mask here as well under my Osmia Organics haul and will expand in this review). The smell of sandalwood and lavender once you open the jar is truly divine, it completely adds to the experience. The mask itself is very soft and cushiony, minus the inclusion of the finely milled adzuki beans and quinoa. This is the only powdered mask I have that is so soft and airy to the touch, whereas with most clay powders the textures can be dry and lifeless. You may also be wondering why I am not commenting on the grains included in this mask, whereas with the Active Enzyme Exfoliator from Josh Rosebrook it was the deciding factor which prevented repurchase (click here to read the review). In the case of the Adzuki mask, the powder itself as I said is very soft, and once mixed with water or honey, it is very smooth and very easy to apply and spread evenly over the skin. I barely have to scrub the grains against my face, and lightly doing so does not bring me any discomfort as I find the beans and quinoa to be gentler than the walnut grains.

You can either treat the product like a mask and leave it on your skin for 5-10 minutes once or twice a week, or use it as a cleanser and exfoliating paste by lightly massaging it over the skin for 60-90 seconds. I’ve said this before, but I prefer to use products as masks if the option is given to take full advantage of its benefits and to also be more economical in that way. Also, again, I’d rather not massage the grains against my face for over a minute. It comes with a cute little purple bowl and bamboo spoon that I actually use as my mixing bowl for all of my masks, as I have not yet purchased a bowl and brush solely for that purpose yet. It is so hassle-free mixing inside this mini bowl, since you usually don’t apply more than a tablespoon or so of masks and thus don’t need much space. I will mix a teaspoon of product in the bowl with a little water or toner, sometimes adding some Manuka honey as well. I will apply from there, leaving it on me for up to 20 minutes once a week. All of this being said, keep in mind that the founder, Sarah, suggests keeping the mask on until it is 75% dry. I personally do not like letting the mask completely dry on my skin because it gets very tight and the dried grains then become an issue when I’m trying to cleanse the skin, posing a very rough obstacle to properly scrubbing the mask off my face with a washcloth. Only in that case do the grains provide discomfort, and by not letting it dry 100% and by taking your time to gently remove the mask, it is completely ameliorated.

I never expected to love this mask so much nor for it to earn a place amongst my repurchased, favorite masks, yet it has surpassed my expectations and done just that. This mask is very much loyal to its title, being very nourishing for my skin. My skin feels firmer, soft, and so fresh afterwords. With my texture improved and skin clear, it’s as if I truly did exfoliate, yet with this product it was accomplished through such a gentle manner. Further, without any use of clays included in the formulation, your skin can feel very nourished post-masking and you can get away with using it twice a week instead of just once. Unsurprisingly, it’s another hit from Osmia Organics; if you’re interested click here to learn more.

Ingredients: adzuki beans*, quinoa*, wild-harvested red sandalwood powder, and essential oils of lavandula angustifolia (lavender)*, wild-grown santalum spicatum (sandalwood), and pelargonium rose asperum (rose geranium) {*= CERTIFIED ORGANIC}