Fullies: Jan-Feb 2018

Yes I’m aware there are actual words to describe repurchases, but I decided this was a cuter partner to Empties ;). If I keep repurchasing an item, this to me means more than if I choose not to. Regardless, you’ll get the reviews of the products I try out, but this is a way to gauge out some of my most used items amongst many the many amazing choices we are provided with in green beauty.

Micellar Cleansing Essence by AMBAR ($21-$59 for 1 OZ – 4 OZ) 

Repurchased from: moss skincare


It’s already known I’m a longtime fan of moss skincare and AMBAR Beauty. Aside from the beautiful pink color and lovely smell of this product, it’s also a nice addition to my skincare shelf. I love to use it as a second (or third hah) cleanse/toner to make sure my make-up is properly and completely off of my skin – I used to hate the idea of wasting product on a cotton pad, but after seeing the leftover makeup it removes (there will always be a little left even after I think I cleanse well), I’m no longer adverse to it. It’s also perfect to use in quickly removing my make-up before I work out.

I was also often using the Micellar Cleanser in the place of a morning cleanse, but this year not so much. I’ve been on a regimen of using OLO’s Vitamin B Cleansing Oil and Yüli’s Halcyon until lately, where I’ve been starting to feel that my skin wants something very gentle for the mornings. Right now I’m using the Complete Moisture Cleanse from Josh Rosebrook and absolutely loving it, leading me to completely stop using the Micellar Cleanser as a quick cleanser-on-the-go in the mornings. However, I am currently using and enjoying it in a new way, which is combined with my mask mixtures in place of plain water.

Embrace by Kjaer Weis ($32 for 0.123 OZ/3.5 G)

Repurchased from: Integrity Botanicals 


This is one of the most gorgeous pinks I have seen in a blush, which leads me to constantly repurchase the item once it runs out. Not that I run out often- it lasts a very long time, even with frequent uses. I already own a magnetic case, so I buy the refill pan rather than purchase and keep the product in the standard Kjaer Weis case. I absolutely adore their formulas when it comes to blush because the color will literally stay on me the whole day. Aside from the formulations being creamy and long-lasting, the products are in addition super pigmented, with the colors being the most well-crafted of all the brands I’ve looked at; Embrace is one of my top choices, but then so is Abundance and Desired Glow. Their color range is literal perfection. The other brand that may compete with Kjaer Weis in this arena is Rituel De Fille, of which I need to try out more shades before I can give a definitive answer. So far, the shade in Rapture is definitely pigmented as well, and it’s smoother. In summary, Kjaer Weis has everything you could literally want and expect of a blush.

The only detail that bothers me in the case of the blush is the texture of the product- though creamy, I believe the inclusion of corn starch may play a role in making the product feel slightly off. I discussed this same issue for their lipsticks (click here). I believe the word I’m looking for is pasty- not very much, the issue is more dominant when it comes to the texture of their lipsticks as aforementioned, nevertheless it is still something I notice in this case (you can get a sense of this from the picture I included as well). This is actually the reason I can’t give in to loving their highlighters- the texture just doesn’t suit the purpose of the product in my opinion, much more so in that case then with the blushes.

Overall, this is one of my favorite, if not the favorite, brands to purchase my blushes from. I will always be taken with the perfect, baby-pink color of Embrace which serves as a beautiful and subtle way to give color to the face.

 Minimalist Contouring Serum: Bronzer by Gressa ($45 for ML) 

Repurchased from: Integrity Botanicals 

This is one of my go-to bronzers. I’ve tried out a few (including from Nu Evolution and 100% Pure), and honestly, none of them match this one. This case parallels that of the Minimalist Foundation Serum (full review here), also by Gressa, which has maintained its number one spot as my favorite foundation throughout the years- even through it’s packaging issues and potential comedogenic ingredients. These two problems pertain to the bronzer as well, yet again I love it so much I plan on continuing to repurchase it.

I personally use this product on my forehead/temples/cheeks as a bronzer as well as around my nose for contour. If you don’t know how to work with the product, however, you won’t be giving yourself the chance to fully appreciate it. Since it’s so, so pigmented, it’s first important to understand that you need very little of it- you only need one drop, I repeat one drop- if not less. This also means this product will last you a super long time. Second, I found the best way to apply the product is with the Gressa Air Foucs Foundation Brush (see here). This brush is not only very well-made, but its performance is excellent as well. I would use it with the Minimalist Serum Foundation until I started using my fingers/sponge in its place. I like to deposit one drop into my hand and slightly move the brush around until the product is as evenly distributed as it can be on the bristles. Then I will very lightly start to tap and deposit the bronzer in the sections of my face I’m interested in. After each area has some product, I will then use the brush in a circular motion to spread the bronzer out and begin my first phase of blending. I say first phase because in my experience, this on its own is not enough. I use a damp sponge to further press and blend the bronzer into my skin, and only then does it look flawless. This may sound like a lot of work, but really it’s not you guys. The end result is just so worth working with the product- once blended, it works seamlessly with the foundation to appear natural on the skin. The color is perfect as well, warming the skin and giving that sun-kissed effect. I highly recommend you try it out with the method I have down: drop, dab, brush, sponge, glow ;).