Mix It Up: Edit #1

A single product that can make an impact on its own is worth a thousand products, whether it be through a sensory, physical, or color performance. Yet mixing two of these products to produce an unexpected yet wonderful result? That’s a secret worth sharing. In these edits, I talk about the products I’ve played around with, and the concoctions that resulted. From skin, hair, body-care to makeup, here are some ideas you can try out as well.

The Mix: Farizad’s Veil + Zen Physic

Turquoise Treat

Performance: physical

Reviews for Farizad’s Veil here/Zen Physic here

Zen Physic by moss skincare already has an established spot on my shelf; whether it be for addressing cystic acne, breakouts, or including a drop in micro-emulsions to boost anti-inflammatory effects, it’s a top performer. This is not a ‘watered-down’ formula- you can observe from the gorgeous, deep blue-green hue just how concentrated Zen Physic is. In fact, it consists of approximately 40% essential oils, so you can imagine how a little goes a very long way.

As I talked about before, the dropper application on this product is not my favorite, as the oil can drip/spread around the affected area. The following idea which addresses this issue came to me one night prior to its use: mix Farizad’s Veil with Zen Physic. It’s two products from my top skincare formulators, it’s bound to be good right? Let’s get back to Farizad’s Veil for a second: the addition of aloe leaves to the sunscreen is stated to give moisturizing, skin-damage-correcting, cooling, repairing, and soothing properties. Furthermore, the addition of zinc oxide actually results in anti-inflammatory benefits (this was surprising for me, as I only associated the ingredient with sun protection). Zen Physic parallels the powder in the latter, as it’s choc-full of powerful anti-inflammatory counterparts such as yarrow, blue tansy, and german chamomile. Amongst other amazing ingredients, it also contains neem oil and Javanese ginger which give the spot treatment anti-bacterial benefits. Now combine these two? Dream. Team.

When combined, I’ve found the resulting product is perfect for spot treatments. Literally, perfect. I’ve noticed that the effects on my breakouts are even better than the individual yet wonderful performance by Zen Physic, which makes sense after observing what each product brings to the table. Benefits aside, the formula of the combo is super convenient for application. The resulting paste, rather than liquid, works much better in applying to the affected area: (1) it will not drip/spread around in a messy fashion, instead staying exactly in its intended place (2) the spot treatment oil is absorbed with much more ease/success which helps your skin fully gain its benefits. Although in every other mix of Farizad’s Veil (i.e. with oils, balms, foundations), it’s the product that makes up the lesser ratio, in this case it actually makes up the greater. You can definitely use any ratio that you prefer, but as I like a resulting paste better for my breakouts, I mix in a greater amount of Farizad’s Veil as compared to the amount of Zen Physic. After mixing, I simply start tapping the product combo into the skin, and walla. I actually first tried this idea out for the pure sake of addressing the application issue, but finding that the resulting paste works even better in addressing my breakouts was how I absolutely knew I had to share this.

Farizad’s Veil is proving to be a very beneficial, multi-functional product, establishing itself firmly as another staple in my skincare routine.

The Mix: Brain Teaser + Rapture

Pink Perfection

Performance: Color

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I adore the color of Brain Teaser, but I’ve found myself wishing it had more pink. Herein comes Rapture from Rituel Del Fille. Described as a color you see from winter cheeks, it’s a gorgeous, intense pink. I like to use it for my cheeks/lips/eyes quite often since I’m such a fan of the pigment and color. One day as I applied Rapture to my lips, I got the idea to use Brian Teaser over it. I like to use my fingers after applying lip products (with all of its forms except lip gloss) to tap the product in because I find it gives it more of a natural, filled-in look. I don’t like sharp lines or too much product on my lips, so I prefer this route. Once the two colors were mixed, I fell in love with the resulting color- it was what I was looking for. In the swatches below, you see from top to bottom: Rapture, Brain Teaser, and the two mixed together.

For now, I’ve been loving and falling to this combo as my every-day lip. What lip colors do you love to mix?

The Mix: Sacred Rose + Lavender Cream

Sacred Scents

Performance: Scent, Physical

Reviews on Osmia here

This isn’t a surprising mix product-wise, the founder herself does this. It’s so good for your skin. And the combination of these two scents? Makes it so. so. Good.

After missing out on the first product put out by Osmia’s craft oil series, I knew I couldn’t miss the second release. Without ever even being acquainted with Palo Santo, I knew from the previous olfactory experiences provided by Osmia that it would be good. Alas, I was right because it was easily one of my favorite purchases in the past month- I treasure this oil so much in my routine.

Upon first use of the oil, I felt a little taken aback. The smell was so different in a new way, yet at the same time I was drawn to it. This wasn’t the same reaction I had with the Tigress Face Balm by Earthwise Beauty, in which I was taken aback in a negative way, then gradually came to love the powerful, grounding scent of the product. It was a case of experiencing something very different yet intriguing and positive simultaneously. There is a wonderful combination of woody/citrus/frankincense/sweet undertones that result from the combination of the rose and Palo Santo, the latter of which is actually hand-gathered from the forest floor on Ecuador’s pacific coast. You can sense all of these undertones from one whiff, with the sweet scent of the rose carrying the rest. I’ve become more obsessed with the scent the more I’ve been using it. With these essential oils combined in a base of camellia seed, argan, shea, and avocado oils, it makes for a very luxe product.

Even though I tell myself to make time for mediation, I never end up doing it. My simple solution to addressing stress/negative emotions lately has been aromatherapy. And you don’t even need to buy deprecate essential oils or products to accomplish this! So many green beauty products on our shelves have wonderful scents (Advanced Hydration Balm by Josh Rosebrook, Tigress Balm by Earthwise Beauty, etc), and the simple act of taking the time to close ones eyes, enjoy the aroma, and apply the product does wonders for well-being. With Palo Santo’s powerful scent and effect, it especially does wonders in addressing my negativity. Osmia Organics put it best:

“Palo Santo is known for clearing negative energy and facilitating a meditative, positive state of mind. Rose Otto is revered for its ability to help you release from old emotional pain and expand your capacity for love, both toward yourself and others. The combination is spiritually clearing, energetically uplifting, and leaves your skin divinely soft and nourished. “

The stated effects can truly be felt- even in the few minutes I take with the Sacred Rose Oil, it’s enough to have a meaningful effect in my mentality. Most notably, I feel less stressed out, of a clearer mind, and feel a release of negativity. I have the Sandalwood Body Butter as well as the Lavender, but Lavender is reminiscent of a floral-meets-pine-meets-peppermint smell, and thus I find that the Lavender better complements the oil with its clean, sharp scent and relaxing effects. I mix and apply both on wet skin right after I take a shower, and both work together beautifully in not only softening my skin but making me mentally feel so much better. Osmia Organics makes beautiful products, but performance aside, I highly recommend you purchase the products for the aromatherapy they excel in providing you with.