Green Hair Care Issues + Rahua Hydration Review

I have tried out a few haircare brands over the past couple of years – Josh Rosebrook, Rahua, Innersence, Yarok – and have found more misses in this area than in all other areas of green beauty. Not only are they quite expensive, but some of the products contain the same repetitive ingredients, making it difficult to find a true holy grail line. Innersense and Yarok, some of the more popular brands, didn’t appeal to me when I tried them out. I’ve talked about part of my journey in a previous post (click here), and mentioned how Josh Rosebrook, Briogeo, and Christophe Robin took the major win in terms of preferred hair care, at a time when I had very bleached and damaged hair. As I have now stopped bleaching my hair (for about six months, hallelujah), my hair health has naturally improved, absent of any products used. Of course, the damaged remnants are still there since five months isn’t enough time for full recovery.

Unfortunately, I once again experienced the same issue as aforementioned in the previous post – my hair became unbearably sticky and oily. I again like a broken record tried apple cider vinegar, to no avail. As this is a common strategy I will fall too whenever my hair starts acting up (after reading soooo many tips suggesting this online) and it has never fully solved the problem before, I wasn’t exactly surprised when it failed. I also tried using other products – such as Meow Meow Tweet shampoo bars – which still didn’t take care of this issue.

Given the products we pile on before, during, and after we shower, it’s no wonder our hair can get so weighed down here and there. However, the extent to which my hair had buildup, it was just too extreme. I already knew a solution, the solution, from experience – The Purifying Salt Scrub by Christophe Robin. Although I knew it would solve this horrible problem, I wasn’t all too happy about having to use this product since I told myself I would try to wane off of it completely –  it contains some SLS. However, it just WORKS. For this reason, it’s hard to give it up completely. After just one use, it came to the rescue as expected and ameliorated the issue – no nasty vinegar smell needed. I haven’t looked into other purifying products, which is actually an area I feel green hair care lacks in, however I will be on the lookout. I recently found out Jordan Seban Hair, the brand whose hair oil I use, is going to add a micro-exfoliating scrub to the line, so I’m excited for that.

If you’re curious why this issue returned when I already had a routine going with Josh Rosebrook, Briogeo, and Christophe Robin per my previous post, it’s simply because I stopped repurchasing the latter two products and fell once again to using Josh Rosebrook exclusively. Using Rahua or any product after the oily issue comes up doesn’t solve anything – I have to revert to a strong product such as the Salt Scrub to really kill the problem. Using Rahua in conjunction with Josh Rosebrook and other products, in addition, results in the same issue returning after another period of time has passed.

When I experienced this sticky/oily situation previously, I assumed it was from all the bleach/dye/toner products that were being used on my hair, since I would go to the salon a few times a month. However, now, after I’ve finally laid off of doing anything to my hair, that same explanation doesn’t pass. This led me to reassess the products I was using. Josh Rosebrook in particular has been a constant and go-to for many years now. I knew that without a light hand, the Nourish Conditioner made my hair too heavy, and that a lot of oils were used in the products. It only made sense that if this issue kept coming back, especially after I stopped using purifying products (micro-exfoliating shampoo from Briogeo, salt scrub), then I had to take a second look at what was a constant in my routine. With this, I decided to completely give up the line and see what happens.

I have been using Rahua exclusively for a month now, and so far no issues; I’ll update in a few months to see if it’s still going well. I tried the line before and liked it very much, but I have become more smitten with it ever since switching to their newest products. I want to praise their hydration line, which is SO good that I use it much more frequently than they suggest. I’ve actually gotten into the habit of mixing the lines together, rather than alternating use with the Voluminous/Classic line every other time I wash my hair. The smell is also the best I have encountered in green beauty, or even in conventional for that matter: it’s fresh and fruity, superior to the fake ‘sweet’ smells from regular hair care products.

This line has been working so well for me, I have stopped using an oil on my hair as a pre-treatment before I shampoo, and I use much less product afterwords as well. At times, I won’t use any product post shower. This new duo has been a fantastic replacement for the Enrich Mask by Josh Rosebrook for addressing damage and dehydration, a product I was heavily reliant on. My hair will feel very lightweight post use, dramatically more so than Josh Rosebrook’s Nourish line, which inundates my hair with a heavy and limp feel in a payoff to moisturize. I also prefer it to the Balance line, whose conditioner by itself doesn’t do a good enough job on its own to hydrate.

In addition, the shampoo lathers extremely well, trumping the rest of the shampoos in its class as well as from its own brand. With some green beauty shampoos, I notice that sometimes my hair will lather well, and other times not at all and leave my hair feeling very heavy. The hydration shampoo never gave me an issue with regards to this, it’s been a hit every time. I also love that its a thicker formulation, almost feeling like a conditioner, yet is able to lather so beautifully and accomplish its job without making your hair feel heavy. You can use less product in this way too.


I have not read about others sharing this same issue in the midst of popular green beauty brands, and thus you also may not be able to relate. However, if you share this problem and have also experienced very oily/sticky hair from haircare in green beauty, then hopefully this was helpful. I am still keeping my jar of the Purifying Salt Scrub in case of emergencies (they have a mini size which you can check out here), but so far this line from Rahua has become my favorite (purchase here). It is expensive, on the down side, and I try to just be more conscious of how much product I use. For its results, however, I will continue to spend money on the line.

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