Kosas Color + Light Palettes

Hey guys, I’ve been using these products for months now – both cream and powder versions – and have been loving them. When I didn’t believe any brand would have the power to distract me from Kjaer Weis blushes (which I have worn daily for years), I was pleasantly taken by surprise with Kosas. I have become a big fan of the company, as they are creating luxury products that truly don’t make you feel left out from or miss the old conventional brands. Minus a few improvements needed, I recommend these palettes for purchase.


The cream Color + Light palettes are uber creamy. They literally look and feel like the cream on top of a pastry – just irresistible.

The three shades are 8th Muse (cool-toned pink), Tropic Equinox (sun-kissed bronze), and Velvet Melon (peach), of which I own the first two. Since my everyday lip of choice is pink, I tend more towards these colors. While coral is a gorgeous summer color, I haven’t been daring enough to wear it enough on myself. The pink and bronze colors, however, are an absolute hit. I actually prefer 8th Muse more as a lipstick since it’s too strong of a pink for my preference for the cheeks- I’m so in love with using it in this way and am hoping they release a lip color in this exact shade soon. In addition, since the formula is so creamy and moisturizing, it feels very nice on the lips. As for Tropic Equinox – it’s the most beautiful color which exudes glow and perfectly embodies tropical paradise. I will definitely be using this color in winter to fake that ‘just-came-back-from-vacation’ look. It takes the cake for one of the loveliest colors I’ve seen in green beauty, across all categories.

From L to R: Tropic Equinox, Contrachroma, both mixed
From L to R: Longitude Zero, 8th Muse, both mixed

Each palette is split between a blush and highlighter, the latter of which is my favorite in its category thus far. The pearly, champagne glow is not stark white like the cult-favorite Living Luminizer from RMS Beauty- it instead gives the perfect sort of luminescence that I believe will work on all skin tones. Being the same uber creamy formula as its blush counterpart, it goes on very smoothly and blends very easily. It’s luminizing without being tacky or glittery, and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous, particularly in its cream form or when layered with the powder. I actually love mixing the two formulas for the blushes as well because it creates stunning pigment and gives a more matte yet still very luminous hybrid.

From top to bottom: Powder + Cream, Cream, Powder Highlighter

My main issue with these palettes is that the formulations are actually a bit too creamy. For this reason, it’s very easy to blend the product on your skin. Also for this same reason, however, it’s a little too easy to grab product, for both the cases of using fingers or brushes. This is inconvenient because the products are already so pigmented, a little goes a very long way. As long as you get used to very lightly dipping into the pan, you won’t continue grabbing unnecessary product. To press on, due to the very moisturizing and creamy formulas, matte/drier skin types will adore these palettes. On the downside, if you have oily skin or are sweating more during summertime, this definitely won’t be your preferred option since it won’t stay well put on your skin. They last okay throughout the day, but definitely not as good as other products in green beauty for the same reason listed above. I believe these palettes just need a small tweak to achieve perfection;  I love the ultra smooth formula so much, as it’s so different from the Kjaer Weis formula and other creams I’ve encountered thus far, however I think making the product perhaps a tad less creamy/’drier’ will make a positive impact in its staying power.

In addition, I love and own multiple colors from the line –  5 of the 6 options to be exact. For each of the three cream palettes, as well as the three powder palettes, the highlighter shade is the exact same. To me, this is not desirable; I would have liked it more if the colors were different, perhaps for example to have more of a peachy highlighter paired with the papaya color while the pink is paired with a rose highlighter. This can be done without making drastic shades that can’t be used everyday – look at the RMS highlighter shades and how wearable they are. In addition, depending on what blush color I wear, or what formula highlighter, as well as how much, one side will run out quicker than the other. Thus, while having a highlighter + powder palette is super convenient, I m not a fan of having the same highlighter colors in each one so that invariably there are too much of them and will remain in the palettes longer.


I am once again very impressed with certain aspects of the formulations: very pigmented, very finely milled powders, gorgeous colors.

Papaya 1972

I own all three: Longitude 0, Papaya 1972, and Contracharma. They are not exact color replicas of their cream sisters, for example the bronze here is a darker color than Tropic Equinox. I love all three, and although once again the coral Papaya color is my least used due to my preference towards pink, its a lovely color regardless and pushes me to get out of my comfort zone.

My issues, however, are the same as noted above: the staying power is not remarkable.  I do notice that as the day progresses, rather quickly the blush breaks up a bit, to form a blotchier look.  It’s not extreme, yet its enough to take away from the flawless look. My sister had even remarked once on how I have patches of pink on my cheek when she looked close at my skin! Again, perhaps for those who don’t have oily skin or use more matte/complexion powders in place of creams will appreciate the formulation much more, but for me I’ve noticed both cream and powder blushes have the tendency to melt away. This can certainly be in part due to the fact that I’m in very hot weather of late, however, regardless other green beauty products I have tried have given me more longevity in general. I do want to note that the highlighter, which I apply to the top of my cheekbones, under my eyebrows, and on top of my lip, looks gorgeous and lasts longer due to the fact I’m not oily in these areas. A final note to include, I do want to specify that the cream products are much more pigmented than the powder versions.

Final thoughts:

Pros – pigmented + creamy/finely-milled, gorgeous colors, can work with multiple skin tones, feel very lightweight + non-comedogenic

Cons – Not very long-lasting, highlighters are the same shade

While I absolutely adore the luxurious, non-drying, and smooth formulations, in addition to the wonderful range of colors, I do believe after some needed tweaking these palettes will reach their full five star potential. They each sell for $34 (I purchased mine here from Credo Beauty), and considering you do get two products in one, great packaging which includes a mirror compact (a rarity in green beauty), and overall very good quality, I say it’s worth you trying it out.

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