Kosas vs Kjaer Weis Blush

Hey guys!

I put together is a summary comparing these two products. For separate reviews, press here (Kjaer Weis blush) and here (Kosas Color + Light).

Kosas is a modern, playful take on green beauty that showcases its mastery in rich, moisturizing formulations and concentrated pigment through its lipsticks and palettes. Kjaer Weis is a highly prized luxury line, known for its re-use philosophy, quality ingredients, and high performance products. Its formulations, however, are creamy yet pasty all across the board (lipsticks, foundation, blushes, highlighter, bronzer); I actually prefer this with the blushes specifically since I believe this is what helps the product to last longer and wear better as the day progresses. Don’t let this leave the wrong impression, however, the finish of all their products is a very nice satin and applies on the skin very smooth. I used to wish the Kjaer products were less pasty in general, but now I can understand that the addition of certain ingredients to make it this way actually help it last longer. I have literally worn the KW blushes while sweating under 90-100 degree Fahrenheit heat, and after a few hours, the color was still on my cheeks – you can start to see why I have such a strong admiration for the product. With the Kosas Color + Light palettes, since they are too creamy, it’s easy to pick up more product than necessary and they will fade away on your skin as the day progresses; if you have oily skin or will be sweating, this may not be your first choice. This difference in firmness of product was reflected while I was taking pictures under the strong sun, in which Reverence and Radiance held up much better than 8th Muse. The latter started melting quite quickly in the heat. The images below highlight how creamy the Kosas Color + Light Palettes are as compared to the Kjaer Weis compacts.

When it comes to highlighters however, I believe Kosas takes the cake. The effect on my skin looks more flat with KW, rather than luminous. To explain, since I have fine lines/deeper scars/textured skin in areas absent my cheeks, wearing the pasty foundation/bronzer/highlighter accentuates these imperfections more and does not result in a flawless complexion. As I wear the blush on my cheeks and eyelids, I don’t have these complexion issues and thus adore the formulation. If you have an overall clean and normal complexion, you yourself may actually love all of the Kjaer products. With Kosas on the other hand, the pearlescent sheen is gorgeous and really gives a dewy, glowy look to my skin as opposed to KW. Again, I don’t think it would be a bad idea to make the highlighter formulation in the Color + Light palettes a bit less creamy. This same verdict applies to the bronzers from both lines.

In the swatches below, the highlighters look quite similar to each other, which is why I tried using different angles to showcase the different textures. Both formulations, whether creamy or a bit pasty, are smooth and blend very well and with ease. You can see how both lines do an excellent job with rich, beautiful pigments and a nice finish.

Due to the fact that KW keeps their blushes and highlighters separate, I believe it’s easier for them to expand their color range to what it is now. As much as the colors from Kosas are beautiful and universal, there are so many gorgeous options available in the KW line-up which in the end is better for addressing a greater variety of skin tones and preferences. Embrace has been my ride-or-die blush for years now, but ever since Reverence has been released it’s taken the crown. The former was a tad too light for my skin-tone, so the darker cool-toned pink of Reverence suits my skin even more. Aside from these two colors, there’s three other pinks to choose from. This flexibility in their shade range is exactly what brings more satisfaction to everyone in the end. With Kosas, the pink is a bit too strong for me in the 8th Muse palette, and since there isn’t a softer option available I have to stick with it. It still is a gorgeous color nevertheless – I prefer to use it as a lip color quite often. Kosas has just released these palettes, however, so it’s understandable that they have a smaller range right now. Due to the fact that they pair highlighters and blushes in their palettes, however, I believe that although this is convenient since we buy less products and store them in less packaging, it prevents expansion of the line. Further, I believe that the highlighter shade being the exact same for every palette is a disadvantage for the company. Were each highlighter unique to complement the blush it’s paired with, it would serve as more of an incentive to continue purchasing the line. I don’t have the Velvet Melon cream blush because aside from not wearing coral often, I also just didn’t want another highlighter since I have 3 of the powder and 2 of the cream palettes already.

Here is a table summary below:

Kjaer Weis Kosas
pastey formula creamier/smoother
wide, beautiful color range to address all skin tones limited yet beautiful range
very pigmented very pigmented
blush/highlight separate blush + highlight in one compact
long-lasting, great through summer or winter becomes blotchy/wears off, will prefer in winter
no mirror mirror included in compact
can re-use compact + refill not re-usable

Overall, although both lines are different in what they bring to the table, they both share important positives and are highly regarded in my eyes. The Color + Light Palettes retail for $34, while the refill pans of KW cost $32. Ultimately, it will come down to your preference which you choose, but I personally recommend having both. 😉