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Preparing for travel can be a headache – but it can also be quick and easy when you have a few but trustworthy items. Here are the items I packed on a recent trip to the East Coast.


Trying to maintain a full-fledged routine with too many products is a hassle. Whether you’re traveling alone or sharing rooms/bathrooms with others, truthfully no one is going to want to wait for your 20 step routine. As you know, I’m doing my 3-month Oumere-only experiment. I packed the skincare travel set (valued at $70), which was free with a $400 total purchase at the time. Included are decent sizes of a Cleanser, Exfoliant, and two Serums. Although each separate purchase of a full size product comes with its own complementary mini, those in the travel set are about twice as big. The magnetic case itself is thin and takes up very little room, but you can throw the products into any bag since they are spill-proof.

Previously, I would keep sample containers from various orders and reuse them whenever I needed to travel. Those from Earthwise Beauty have been a particular favorite since they are a compact size and are made from glass. I would have so many of these little cases in my bag, however, that the sheer quantity counteracted the convenience of taking smaller sizes; solely carrying the travel set was almost life-changing. I only used four products: two in the mornings (I would forego the cleanser/exfoliant) and all four at night. I’m quite scared to count how much I would use before, and more scared to admit that I thought I needed all of that.

I will be writing a full review of my Oumere experience near the end of this month, but what I will say is that the line worked just as beautifully in the humid heat of the East Coast as the dry heat of the West. The only item I wish I took in addition was a mask. I sweat so much, and even though I didn’t get any breakouts, the pores around my nose got quite congested.

When these sample sizes finish, I will keep the bottles and pour in product from the full sizes for the next time I travel. I ADORE the glass packaging with the long nozzles and little white cap. I’ve experienced zero spillage, I don’t need to use my fingers, and the product comes out very easily through the nozzle right up to the last few drops. It’s the best mini size packaging I have thus far experienced, and the best option for traveling.


I’m used to the dry California heat, so I won’t lie when I say I was nervous for traveling to the humid East Coast, where I have never tested any of these products. To my pleasant surprise, they performed beautifully. I spent hours on end sweating during the trip, particularly on the last day where we tried to hit as many memorials as possible in D.C. To be able to say everything still looked good at the end of the day took my faith in green beauty even higher. To say the least, I’m confident in recommending these products.


I have been using this duo for a long time now, and have no plans to replace them. I reviewed about them initially here, and will briefly mention them here again.

My eyes get irritated pretty easily, but it was difficult straying from conventional brands from Sephora as I have such oily eyelids that I need something strong to stay on all day.  This only really applies to the side of my eyes, where I extend the wing of my liner. In addition, I also love a rich, strong black pigment and don’t want to sacrifice color payoff for a longer lasting formula. Finding an eyeliner in green beauty to fulfill these requirements was one of the harder susbsitutions in my makeup cabinet. Luckily, the relatively new Vintage Cake Liner from RMS Beauty fulfills the pigment requirement beautifully- you can layer the liner very easily to build up the color, and it’s not even necessary since it is already so pigmented. The formulation of the Vintage Cake Liner is also one of my favorites; it’s a thick, very smooth paste that is just so easy to work with. You just need to be careful upon application since sometimes there can be fallout. Not having to lower my high expectations for requirements I hold on my products is what continues to strengthen my faith in green beauty.


However, my first requirement still isn’t met with just this product. On its own, the vintage liner isn’t enough to keep my eyeliner on all day; it will stay on the top of my lids, but begin to smudge off as day progresses where I extended my line. It’s not enough in the dry heat here, and I knew it wouldn’t be enough on its own in the humid East Coast. Thus, I took my 100% Pure Long Last Black Tea Eyeliner. I only apply this over the vintage liner where my line is extended, and it literally keeps on all day. I don’t like to use this product on its own since it will apply shiny/reflective rather than a strong matte black. It also clumps my lashes together with product if I get close to the lash line, making a smoother mascara application more difficult. The black tea liquid liner will also start to peel/break apart by the end of the day, especially if you layer it too much. This still occurs when I layer the two, but it’s not noticeable unless you are right in my face, which no one thankfully is ;). As long as you don’t touch/smudge your application, it will last you hours. Together, the duo ensured my eyeliner lasted ALL day, through sweat and humidity and heat, performing the exact same as back home.


I have been using and enjoying the Fitglow Vegan Good Lash + Mascara and the Blue Expressionist Mascara from W3ll people. I was very impressed that, even without any powder application under my eyes (which who wants to bother with powder in the summer), these mascaras smudged/flaked very minimally all day while holding their volumizing/lengthening impact. When I absolutely have to use powder, I do like the Aloe Nourish Prime + Set Powder from 14e Cosmetics. However, if I can avoid using it on my face, then you can bet I avoid it. I have learned that concealer will crease regardless since I have so many fine lines around my eyes, but I have also learned to not care for this. I also prefer a more glowy/radiant complexion and find that powder gives my face a flat and less natural finish. Thus if I get oily, I will simply blot. Now that I also don’t need to use it underneath my eyes to set my mascara/eyeliner, I feel happily content not reaching for it, which eases my routine and lessens the amount of unnecessary product I’m putting on my skin. Sure, there will be some transfer by the end of the day, but again as it is so minimal, I don’t feel the need to do something about it. I have to say I was blown away with the performance of the eye products the most on the trip.


In the humidity and heat there was no way I was going to wear a full face of foundation, so I was happy to obtain a natural looking coverage from my concealer of choice. Do not discount using concealers in place of your foundation – lightly pat it only on the areas you need, and you’ll get a natural yet clean complexion. Maybe a full application of foundation looks better in pictures, but trust me when I say you will radiate and look wonderful with a lighter hand.

I have tried many different concealers, but the Fitglow Conceal+ takes the cake. It substituted my foundation needs completely, which is very convenient because it’s a small compact size. It’s by no means a perfect substitute- I get more of a flawless complexion from my Gressa foundation, but it gives me medium coverage without the overly moisturizing/oily feel of many other concealers on the green beauty market. I was after a product that would cover my imperfections while allowing my skin to breathe and sweat freely in the humid heat, and this did the job. Plus it comes in a small tube, which further saves me room when packing- every inch of space makes a difference!


Naturally, cream products are more risky when you will be dealing with humid heat and sweat, however my Kjaer Weis Blush in Reverence performed beautifully. You guys know how much I love my KW blushes (click here for a comparison with Kosas blushes), and the reason I don’t stray is because it just works. Especially when the color is as pigmented and long lasting as with this product, I really don’t need to stray. Naturally the color would fade as I repeatedly blotted my skin from sweat and oil throughout the day, but still it was a trooper and stood very well under the heat. When my blush does fade, I simply renew the color by tapping my finger on my lips after any lipstick application and deposit the color on my cheeks.


Kosas and Y et Beauté have been my top lipsticks of late: creamy, pigmented, velvety, smooth, moisturizing. I adore that both have magnetic closures, which is a must for me. I’m always throwing items inside and rummaging around my purse, so you can imagine how many caps and lids have come loose and wrecked havoc. When you’re traveling, you especially don’t want to deal with these little inconveniences. Just throw them in your bag and have no worries!

Thankfully, these formulas are long-lasting so I wasn’t worried about having to continuously reapply throughout the day. I always use my fingers/tissue to pat the formula into my lips – I prefer more of a natural stain than a full on lip application, and I find this helps the product last longer. This method is also more moisturizing for your lips than using a true lip stain. I truly love both brands and alternated the brands and colors that I wore each day.


I regret so much forgetting to pack my beautiful Osmia soap. Sadly, I haven’t yet purchased their travel soap bags so I couldn’t exactly take one in a ziplock bag even if I did end up remembering. It’s not a good idea to keep the product in a humid environment with stagnant water. The soap bag is definitely on my radar and next time I travel I’ll be ready! I had to use random soaps in the hotels, and only through this did I realize how dependent I have became on clean, organic, beautiful soaps.

I also packed my gold razor from Oui Shave to ensure I got a smooth and ingrown-free shave; it’s my only razor of choice. The last thing I would want to worry about while on travel is ingrowns and irritation.

What are your personal favorite travel items?

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  1. Shraddha says:

    Very informative post, as usual. I’m so tempted to try a cream blush, like the Kosas palette. I recently tried the RMS Beauty Master Mixer (a sample) and I LOVED how it looked on me. So natural, almost lit from within. I don’t get that effect from powder highlighters. What do you prefer between the two–powder or cream highlighter?

    1. vsafaria says:

      That’s wonderful Master Mixer looked so lovely on you!! For me, it honestly barely shows up, so my skin tone doesn’t love the color as much as I’m enamored by the gold color. I prefer powder highlighter right underneath my brows and for the corners of my eyes, since I have oily eyelids and don’t want cream/oil highlighters to slide below and cause more chaos haha! I’m just a fan of creams in general, it gives such a natural and lovely effect. That being said, I do enjoy the Kosas powder highlighters as they are so finely milled and blend like a dream.

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