Concealer Galore

First let’s start with this question: why even bother with concealer?


I don’t have very dark under-eyes, yet brightening them makes a definite impact in making my overall complexion look more flawless and ‘awake’. It also works alongside my eyeshadow to form a clean, put-together look. Further, I will use concealer when I need extra, concentrated coverage on breakouts/scars. Generally speaking, I don’t much care if the coverage on my skin fades by the end of the day, since I tend towards a more natural look. However, for any dark or red spots, I want more of a heavy-duty performance.

I have two tips to share that I apply to my daily routines:

  1. Don’t discount concealers as subpar products to foundations – they both offer coverage and perform the job of beautifying your skin, albeit with different formulations.
  2. Don’t discount applying foundation in the same way you do concealer – with a more targeted and minimal application, you can obtain a more natural, radiant appearance.

The formulations of conealer can differ from foundations in that they are more concentrated, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use it all over. You can even mix it in with your moisturizers/serums and create your own tinted moisturizer. In general, however, finding a concealer to substitute your foundation can be more of a challenge since the shade ranges are not as developed as foundations. They can be minimal in color options offers, not suit your undertones, and thus impact your appearance negatively. If you can find one that performs well and does suit your skin color, then definitely try it out.

No matter which complexion product you use, stress the application more than the actual product. I prefer a small fluffy brush, targeting only problem areas and blending outwards from there to apply a thin film on the rest of my face. You already know how highly I regard Gressa brushes, and as they have recently come out with a mini Air Focus Foundation Brush, I am planning to purchase this for the said method of application. In my eyes, the glow from your natural skin is superior to that of any you can get from a highlighter. When you have a full face of foundation, you need more bronzer, contour, and highlighter products to bring back life into your complexion.

I will state that finding a clean concealer I like has been challenging, particularly since most have been overly creamy/moisturizing/oily. Already being of an oily complexion, I need a matte formulation that’s hydrating yet not overly dewy when it comes to my concealer. In this regard, I really miss the conventional options that were offered in Sephora. In green beauty, concealers don’t always offer the luxury of a more pigmented/concentrated application. We are already met with so many oils from our skincare and makeup products that it can frustrating encountering new beauty products in green beauty that are formulated with even more oils – concealers being one of them. I understand certain oils can be beneficial for the skin, but piling on so many isn’t the answer and it would be nice to get more innovative formulas that were more conscious of what we already use in our routines. For example, I don’t like to use jojoba oils or others high in oleic acid, and it’s already hard enough avoiding those in most products.  If you do have drier skin, on the other hand, these richer products can work beautifully for you. My sister has dry combination skin, and she actually adores the two concealers I list here as my least favorite. It’s really all about your preference in what you want in a product. Since I know what suits me, I’m particular to the matte formulations.

Here is a brief overview of my experience with previous concealers:

Alima Pure – Cream Concealer ($28)
  • Range of 10 shades
  • Cream
  • Satin
  • Light Coverage
  • Finger application
  • Color: Spice
  • Not long lasting

I really do like the formula in that it provides a smooth and satin finish, but I find it doesn’t last well throughout the day, fading and creasing as the day progresses. In addition, the coverage is okay, but I definitely have to layer it many times to conceal scars/breakouts and even then I’m not very satisfied. In my opinion, this option is neither good nor bad – I would use it if it was the only thing I had in my purse or if my skin was in good condition, otherwise I wouldn’t reach for it.

Another point to add, I’m not a fan of packaging in which I have to dip my fingers in to grab product, as it’s just not the cleanest option.

Clove + Hallow – Conceal + Correct ($22)
  • Wide color range of 10 shades
  • Liquid, creamy
  • Satin
  • Medium to Full Coverage
  • Wand application
  • Color: C3 face, C2 eyes
  • Long-lasting

This was the first concealer I used in green beauty that was not only liquid but had a wand applicator – a detail I greatly appreciate. I do have to say though (and this applies to Conceal + by Fitglow Beauty as well), with the wand application packaging, the bottle itself feels like it’s not full of product upon opening.

It’s definitely a nice product, but I find that there are other options that perform just as well as this one; Conceal + Correct does a good job of covering my breakouts and scars, but so does the Gressa foundation and Conceal +. I also do not like it for all over the face, as I do not like how I will look at the end of the day and it just feels a bit icky on my skin. However, it applies easily enough and blends very well, offering more coverage than most concealer options on the market. As for under the eyes, I do notice creasing and I prefer a mousse consistency for that area. In all, I believe it’s a standout product for its packaging and liquid formulation, which is a rarity in green beauty. It is definitely one of the better concealer choices.

This product also ties with Alima Pure in offering a wider range of colors. Although 10 colors are not fully inclusive, it’s nice to know the brand was conscious and tried harder in this arena than others.

Fitglow Beauty- Conceal + ($42)
  • Only 5 shades
  • Mousse
  • Satin
  • Full Coverage
  • Wand applicaiton
  • Color: C3 for face, C2 for eyes
  • Long lasting

This is my most reached for concealer hands down, and finally checks all the boxes I want: good coverage, doesn’t crease or settle into fine lines too much, has a nice consistency, and is nor overly moisturizing nor overly drying. I will add that it works wonderfully under the eyes, yet used all over your skin can feel slightly sticky. Since there is a limited range as well, I can tell that the color in C3 doesn’t suit my skin tone 100%. I prefer the lighter color, C2, for under my eyes.

You can layer it easily to increase the coverage, but since it’s a small yet very pricey product, it pains me to do it. If I have a breakout or a scar, I have to layer it a couple more times to obtain full coverage since one application isn’t enough for me. The Conceal + has a creamy consistency and dewy finish as opposed to a drier, matte finish, thus it has more slip and makes it a bit more difficult for the formula to dry and stay in place for consequent layering. Again, I wouldn’t mind layering were it not for the price. Although it is formulated to double as skincare and thus Fitglow Beauty pays more attention to adding beneficial ingredients, I would rather use my own eye serum and have a cheaper yet high-performing concealer that focuses more on its duties as a makeup item. However, not everyone wants to use separate, definied products and thus may enjoy the multi-functionality of this product. In addition, it could be these ingredients which make the formula so good.

I definitely prefer this product over the Conceal + Correct product by Clove and Hallow, which also shares a wand applicator. The Conceal + has more of a mousse consistency, which feels so nice on my skin. It also doesn’t feel comedogenic in the least; I can’t say the same for the latter. It’s texture and consistency is why I will continue to spend money on the product, even if it is the pricier option.

Overall, this is indubitably the best concealer for under eyes that I have encountered thus far, and makes a nice option for addressing breakouts/scars as well.

Fitglow Beauty- Eye Bright ($36)
  • 1 shade
  • Cream/Paste
  • Drier yet sticky formula
  • Finger Application
  • Creases

This is definitely a more matte option.

While it does brighten the under eye area, I do notice creasing when I use this. Also, if I use too much, it’s definitely noticeable, as it is quite yellow. However, using only a tiny bit of the product, you can notice a definite difference. I myself notice I look more awake post application. However, I can notice something is a bit off in my complexion since the yellow is quite telling. Using the Conceal + in my opinion is a better alternative, but if you need more severe color correction, then definitely give this a go as a primer before concealer.

Hynt Beauty
  • 6 shades
  • Mousse – very thick
  • Dewy
  • Medium to full coverage
  • Finger Application
  • Color: Medium
  • Moderate lasting power

While this product gets a lot of hype, I never got along with it. I find it too oily and thick, which not only doesn’t suit my skin type but also affects the longevity. Although it is pigmented and provides good coverage, it is simply my skin type which makes me not like the product. My sister, who has dry skin, also shares the same opinion on this product, so again although we have read rave reviews about it we are both not a fan of it. We find the product doesn’t absorb as well as the other options listed here, and I definitely wouldn’t use it all over the face. However, used sparingly in problem areas I believe it will work since it does provide good coverage.

Nu Evolution ($32)
  • Only 5 shades
  • Cream – very wet/oily and thin formula
  • Dewy Finish
  • Light to Medium Coverage
  • Finger Application
  • Color: Fresh and Disguise
  • Not long lasting

This is another of my least favorite concealers, as the consistency is so wet. The coverage isn’t too impressive, and the longevity isn’t all too impressive for me. I will admit, however, that it blends very well into the skin, and will appeal to drier skin types.

I’ve said this about their foundation line, and apply it to the concealers as well: it’s very difficult to find which color will match your skin. Usually I don’t have much trouble deciding what color to order online, without trying the product prior, but with Nu Evolution, I have the hardest time. It could be just me, but a few others I know have said the same comment as well. For this reason, I suggest you sample a few choices before purchasing.  I went with Fresh after much pondering and found it didn’t match my undertones in the least.

Disguise is a pinkish peach color which I tried using on breakouts and under my eyes for color correction. I was surprisingly impressed with the results, which paralleled the performance of yellow color correctors such as the Eye Bright by Fitglow Beauty. Since I’m not a fan of the formulation, I would rather forego this option however.

W3ll People ($23)
  • Limited range of 4 shades
  • Mousse- wet and fluffy
  • Hydrating and dewy
  • Nozzle for finger-free application
  • Color: Medium face, Light eyes
  • Not long lasting

The packaging with the W3ll People concealer nozzle is better than a jar in which I have to dip my finger in order to pick up product, however the formulation itself makes it a bit difficult to work with. You know when you don’t shake a ketchup bottle well, and you’ll get watery output if you squeeze onto your place? That’s basically what happens with this concealer and what I’m assuming is its oil constituents. It’s not a liquid formulation either for it to shake easily with all its components, thus I would appreciate more of a uniform product.

Aside from these details, it does an awesome job for the under-eyes and I truly enjoyed this product when I was using it. It looks lovely under the eyes, applying very smoothly and blending like a dream. The downside is that, for me, it’s too creamy and doesn’t last long. If you have dry skin, this can actually be a beautiful product to use all over your skin in lieu of foundation. I believe, for everyone, it’s worth a try for the eye area – try setting it with with a powder for longer staying power.

Below I include swatches of the aforementioned products (minus Hynt Beauty) in different angles, lights, and blending. This is so you can really get an understanding of the textures and consistencies.

What are your own thoughts on these products?

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