Oumere Skincare – Part II

Part I of this review can be found here.

Part II will now review the serums and eye cream. Let’s jump right in.

Serum Bioluminelle ($170 for 50 mL)

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First, can we take some time to appreciate the packaging? I love the aesthetic of the whole line, which reflects the luxe, modern, and scientific appeal of the products. Of course aesthetic doesn’t matter when it comes to the efficacy of a product, but it’s always a nice bonus if a line can combine both (without hiking up the prices for a fancier bottle mind you). If you take a look at the product page, you can see the powerhouse of ingredients contained in the serum and the reasons why the founder Wendy chose them. There are a plethora of ingredients which encourage collagen production, restore imbalanced skin, fight against inflammation and acne, promote elastin synthesis, fight UV damage, promote the skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid, and more. Really it is a win-win for any skin type, and replaces a multitude of products in your skincare cabinet. Hands down it is one of the best serums I have tried.

Remember that one of the most important things you can do for your skin is give it both water and oil based moisture; oils alone should not be depended upon for hydration. The beauty of Serum Bioluminelle is that it fulfills this function. Wendy Ouriel writes:

“The OUMERE Serum Bioluminelle acts as both a serum and moisture lock because it contains oils that lock in the water from both UV-R and the water-based extracts in its own formula. The oils from Serum Bioluminelle sit on top of the skin, sealing in the water and prevent evaporation.”

It’s so silky and light, yet simultaneously so powerful. Be mindful to stick to the usage directions, however, as a pea sized amount does the job perfectly; when I use more, I feel oily. I still get surprised by how hydrated and revitalized my skin feels with such a small amount of this product. I always prefer to use the dropper rather than the glass topper that comes inside the package, as it is easier to control the desired portion in this way. You simply need to shake up the product (there are no chemical emulsifiers you need to physically mix it), and deposit a few drops. I personally like to use my palms and press the product into my skin.

Serum UV-R ($150 for 60mL)

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UV-R requires a fermentation process such that one batch takes one month to make. It is claimed to be “the first and only serum that exclusively works to reverse ultraviolet radiation damage at the cellular level.” With ingredients such as broccoli sprout, cordyceps, mulberry, ginseng, and green tea extracts, this serum works to naturally reduce UV damage. In Oumere fashion, there is clinical data to support each of the chosen ingredients for this purpose (minus the added emollients). If you want more more details on the serum and the importance of UV protection, I highly recommend you read this article about the UV-R serum (click here).

This serum is unique in that it is very thin; think a liquid consistency that is more like water than oil. This makes it very easy to spread on your face, and thus you need very little product as well. I really love how easy it is to apply and how it soothing it feels on my skin once on – there really is nothing else on the market like it. I used to apply this over the Serum Bioluminelle, but have since discovered that I prefer to apply it beforehand, post cleansing/exfoliation.

After years of UV damage, one cannot expect to have everything reversed in the matter of a few months; results are stated on the product page to be best realized over a long period of time. The three months I spent using this product are not near enough to do it justice, thus I’m not here to make any claims on its effects. The clinical data and science behind it encourage me to continue to use the product, even though I know I won’t have as quick of a response in its purpose as compared to the No. 9 Exfoliant on my skin. What I can tell you now, however, is that I’m looking forward to the results over a long period of use.

Crème pour les yeux Bioluminelle ($150 for 15mL)

I won’t dwell into too much detail about this product since it is being discontinued, but I will share my experience.

In terms of consistency, it is very smooth and creamy. Unfortunately, I find it doesn’t absorb very well under my eyes even if I spend a bit of time massaging the product into the skin. If you use a small amount and massage it in, however, it will settle into your skin – anything more and it won’t absorb with as much ease. Now I didn’t have dark under eye circles to begin with thus I cannot really make a comment here, but I use the cream more as more of a preventative measure. I have only been getting 4-6 hours of sleep a night, however, in the past few months and what I will say is that neither my skin nor eyes have revealed the true amount of fatigue that I feel.

I am very excited to try out her eye serum that is set to launch in October; I assume a serum will absorb and spread much better into the skin. In addition, this eye cream is only about halfway dented after three months of use, which makes for a great tradeoff for the price. The serum will sell for the same price at double the volume (30mL), so it will last you even longer.


Over the course of 3 months, here are my repurchases…

~Oil Dissolution Theory: 1 per month

~No. 9 Exfoliant: 1 per 3 months

~Serum Bioluminelle: 1 per 3.5 months

~UV-R Serum: 1 per 3.5 months

I clearly drink up the cleanser! If you use a quarter sized amount only at nights, you will be able to make the product last longer for yourself. The serums last the longest, and thus if you are worried for the price initially, know that it will last you quite a while.

The two items I would recommend the most are actually the longer lasting ones, as seen from above: No. 9 Exfoliant and Serum Bioluminelle. I adore the whole line, but if you do not want to purchase everything at once or want to budget, first and foremost go for the No. 9 Exfoliant. This one product can help address a multitude of skin woes at once, and has made a very positive impact on my skin in the past 3 months. After this I would say go for one of the serums. I credit the No. 9 Daily Chemical Exfoliant and Serum Bioluminelle to truly hydrating my skin to a level that I haven’t encountered before, just as I spoke about in Part I of this review.  They address a variety of issues, thus ameliorating the need for a multitude of products. The UV-R Serum is staged to give results that will be more visible over long term usage, thus if you are looking for quicker results you should go for Serum Bioluminelle. From here, again if immediate results are your interest over long-term, you can choose whether to grab the Oil Dissolution Theory Cleanser or UV-R Serum.

If you still aren’t sure where to begin, there is a travel set online that sells for $70. Although you do get a complimentary mini with each individial purchase, those in the travel set are larger. Each vial contains about 10-20 uses which will serve as a great introduction to the Cleanser, Exfoliant, and 2 Serums. They are perfect for refilling and traveling with as well, as such minimal space is taken up in your purse and your routine is so easy with only 4 products.

Update: They now have a referral program! This *kind of eases* the high prices.

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I will conclude by talking about what I missed and didn’t miss these three months.

~ After using liquid serums, I surprisingly miss cream/balm formulations. 

~I miss masking! Sometimes when I feel just too congested, especially after hot, humid, and sweaty days, I crave a mask for deep cleaning.

~I don’t miss my past obsession with growing my skincare cabinet to an overwhelming quantity! Nor do I miss being tempted by continuous new releases.

Overall, I am very happy with the experiment. Let me know if you have any questions! 🙂