Comparison of 8 Lip Products

When I purchase a lipstick, I do so without the strict expectation that it should last all day. I drink a lot of water and tea, not to mention constantly snack throughout the day, thus I expect their to be transfer and for the product to rub off. If it can leave a nice stain on my lips after a few hours of wear + tear, however, then I will consider that a really good product. It’s like the case with a glossy eye – it will always crease, you just still want it to look pretty good even when it does. Likewise, lipstick will always fade away, but you want this process to be prolonged for as long as possible. Typically, bolder colors such as red or violet possess the strong, prominent pigment that allows for greater longevity as the lip color fades into a stain. The longevity of a product further correlates with how creamy or matte the product is. This unfortunately can cause many a performance to fall flat if the balance is not perfectly struck – too creamy and it transfers too easily and doesn’t last long, too matte and you’re left with very dry lips. You need a lipstick that possesses moisturizing ingredients and a smooth application, yet can also stay put for as long as possible. These are not easy requirements to be sure, but green beauty has come a long way. Let’s assess some of the lip products I have tried and that are currently stuffed in my purse (literally every other hour I’ll feel the need to grab a different color as my mood changes, anyone else with me???).

In this post, I will be talking more about the formulation/packaging of the lipsticks themselves rather than showing off the swatches/colors. If you’re looking for swatches, honestly the best way is to go to the brand page itself via social media (i.e. Instagram). I have done a comparison post before with some swatches included (click here), and have decided to do another, larger comparison post including newer products. In the spirit of comparing against the rest of the options mentioned here, I will still make a few comments for the brands I have already mentioned in the post above, albeit at a much shorter scale. 

W3ll People ($16.99)


I’m starting it out with W3ll People because I am very obsessed with their latest release: the Optimist lipsticks are hands down the longest lasting lipsticks I have thus far encountered in green beauty. They may not be the creamiest of all the options listed here, but they certainly deliver beautiful and long-lasting color. I own the colors Soul Mate and Choose Love, and I am just blown away by how even the thinnest layer deposits such strong pigment.

To expand on the formula, if you have tried the sensitive deodorant by Agent Nateur, then you will know how it’s more waxy as opposed to the rest of the line-up with creamier formulations. This waxy consistency what I think of when it comes to the Optimist Lipsticks, as well as the thick consistency of castor oil. To be clear, I don’t mean this in a negative way – both products feel very comfortable on the skin and stay on all day. The creamier options from Nudus Australia and Kosas apply easiest, whereas the drier formulas from Kjaer Weis are a hassle to apply – this creamy/waxy medium strikes a nice balance in the spectrum of formulations. I truly believe W3ll People has absolutely NAILED the formula – it’s not too creamy so that it provides excellent longevity, and it’s not too matte so as to make your lips feel uncomfortable and dry. If you press your lips together, you can feel just how ‘cushiony’ and weightless the formula is. I am actually able to obtain more of a lip-stain like effect with this product due to the nature of its formula and pigment. If you are on the drier side of course, don’t forget to moisturize yours lip pre or post-application.

Packaging: I love how fun this is! You press on the lid from the top, and the lipstick comes down; Silver casing with white brand lettering; Not the most luxe but certainly very functional and cool

Formula: Very long-lasting; Waxy-creamy formula that glides on easily

Finish: Satin/matte

Color: Highly pigmented; Color range not as extensive as some other options listed below, yet still a strong and desirable line-up

Verdict: Strong performance; Highly Recommend

Y et Beaute ($32)


This brand is truly synonymous with luxury. From their name to their packaging, this brand does not dissapoint. I easily put it at the top with Kjaer Weis when it comes to aesthetic; you really can’t get better for lips in green beauty than these two for that luxury feel. The casing is black with gold lettering, and it is magnetic – do you realize how much of a live saver this is for me?! My items are constantly being thrown around in my purse, and to own a product which I know won’t come apart by its own accord is a huge sense of relief. This added detail is that extra bonus for me that helps emphasize my appreciation for the line. When I ordered these lipsticks directly from Y et Beaute at the time, they came inside the most beautiful box, black with gold brand labeling and with black tissue paper inside. It felt like I was gifting myself something very special, and I was indeed! It wasn’t the gorgeous red boxes we get from KW of course, yet you will definitely appreciate them. Oh and by them way, just like KW, they are also made in Italy. Complete with organic ingredients, a fantastic color payoff, and utter luxury, this gem will make a great gift for not only your friend who shops at Sephora, but for you as well. Did I mention that the lipstick itself smells really good??

If they tie in aesthetic, I will tell you now that the formula of Y et Beaute far exceeds that of KW. We are presented with a product that is creamy yet firm, is very pigmented, and applies like a dream. It is the firmest cream formulation next to RMS Beauty, which allows for it to have greater longevity while not being drying. Truly this kind of formulation and performance is what I expected from Kjaer Weis, and I am very surprised that a smaller brand managed to accomplish these criteria so successfully.

If the formulation and aesthetic take away near-perfect scores, I have to unfortunately give a low score with regards to the color range itself. This of course is more of a personal preference, and you may end up loving all ten shades that have been inspired by India. However, for someone who appreciates softer pinks and nudes, it does not suit  my own preferences. If you notice from their swatches, a lot of the colors look so similar to each other, and they usually tend towards red or vibrant pink. I have thus far ordered four colors from the India Collection: Lou and Soho are very similar and didn’t match me, Tranquille is a gorgeous and strong lavender pink albeit not a color I often reach for, and Bisou has been my favorite thus far. I am eagerly waiting for the brand to expand their color range and give us more of a variety of colors, as this is a significant con for me.

Packaging: Magnetic; Very sleek + luxe; Shiny black with gold lettering of the brand name

Formula: Creamy yet firm; Non-drying

Finish: Satin/matte

Color: Strong pigment; Not a fan of the color range as of now

Verdict: Strong performance; Highly Recommend given you love the colors

Kosas ($28)


Kosas has been killing it lately, from their modern, bold approach to their high-impact colors, their products are not to be overlooked. Paying homage to the brand philosophy, the casing is a sleek and modern, matte black with large white brand lettering across.  Once again they have magnetic casing, which I am a huge fan of. With the aesthetic of Kosas, rather than luxury vibes, you are given girl-boss vibes. As for what’s inside, it is an equally impressive accomplishment. When I reviewed their blushes (here), I mentioned how they were very pigmented and well-formulated, but were too creamy to afford a truly long-lasting performance. When it comes to their lipsticks, I find that they strike a much better balance with color payoff and longevity. They are defintley creamy, and though less firm than the aforementioned Y et Beaute Lipsticks, still make for excellent options.

The color range is wonderful, though limited as of now. They did release a limited edition shade alongside their permanent line-up, called Violet Fury, and this product packs on an insane amount of pigment and statement. I am honestly not a fan of limited edition products because if I truly fall in love with an item, I am very loyal and will continue to wear it and repurchase it often. Granted we wear bolder shades more infrequently than our pinks and nudes, thus they last longer, the fact that I know its going to be gone doesn’t make me much happier. However, the permanent line-up is so stellar it’s hard to complain too much. Amongst other areas, herein lies a major difference between Y et Beaute and Kosas: both have smaller color ranges, yet I strongly desire almost all of the shades from the latter. I have thus far purchased Undone, Violet Fury, Rosewater, Stardust, and Fringe, and am craving the remaining colors I do not yet possess. Differentiate this with the former brand, where I use two of the four colors I have purchased, and do not desire to try any more.

Packaging: Magnetic; More minimalist/modern than luxe aesthetic; Matte black with white large brand name lettering

Formula: Very creamy yet still firm

Finish: Satin

Color: Very pigmented colors (Violet Fury is strongest performer in this area); Color line up is one of my favorites, to the point that I feel the need to purchase as many colors as I can

Verdict: Strong performance; Highly Recommend

Nudus Australia ($35)


One of the originals, and one of the best. Complete with very creamy, moisturizing formulas with truly beautiful colors, Nudus Australia is another gem in green beauty. If KW and Y et Beaute are the queens of luxury, Kosas and RMS Beauty the masters of modern, bold impact, and W3ll People is the definition of affordable chic, then Nudus I would characterize as a perfect example of feminine embodiment. Their lipsticks have a lovely, nude figure of a girl on the inside (it’s on the other side in the photo), which combined with the white casing, gives such such a fairytale, feminine appeal to the line.

I will say that hands down this brand does cream formulations the best – it’s creamy goodness is loaded with 27 active naturals, oils, and butters, yet the color performance remains very strong and it lasts too. It’s one of the most moisturizing lipsticks you can get! I have had mine for quite a while however (I believe around two years), and the lipstick is drying out a tad and not as smooth as before.

Packaging: White casing with a gorgeous picture of a girl on the inside

Formula: Creamy; Moisturizing

Finish: Satin

Color: Strong performance

Verdict: Strong performance; Highly Recommend

Kjaer Weis ($56 or $36 for refill)


KW lipsticks unequivocally remain the most luxe option aesthetically with their heavy metal casing, and yet they also still remain the formula that I like least amongst all the options I have listed here. Although I do adore the color range and how utterly rich the pigment is (in typical KW fashion), it does not glide on smoothly and the formula is grainy and pastey. It’s not drying to your lips, which I very much like, yet the formula itself is very dry and requires the warmth of your lips to heat it up prior to a smooth application. It is ironic to me that a formula that is non-drying and not a matte finish is formulated to be so dry and difficult to work with.

Ever since I have written my first review about them, I have been hoping they will update or change their formulation for the better, yet sadly nothing has been done thus far. It is unfortunate that a product that is so expensive and comes from such a strong line cannot perform as highly as it is expected to. I adore the pink color from the current line-up, Honor, and sadly am still awaiting the day I can repurchase it in its reformulated version. Hopefully they will make the necessary changes one day, because as soon as the product performance can get on par with its aesthetic, I have no doubt KW will create a killer lipstick we will all drool after!

Packaging: Reusuable, heavy, very luxurious packaging; Will get scratches and shows fingerprint marks

Formula: Long lasting, dry, grainy and pastey

Finish: Satin

Color: Strong performance; Beautiful color line up

Verdict: Do not Recommend

Axiology Beauty ($30)


It is always intriguing to find unique packaging, and Axiology certainly accomplishes this with its bright yellow-gold casing of its lipsticks. The formula is definitely less firm and more moisturizing than the other options here, but this is also what makes it so difficult for me to skip the lip liner. I look like I have spahgetti-lips when I choose to apply this lipstick, for the sheer fact that the consistency is so thin it doesn’t properly adhere in place. If you love a semi-gloss finish, and a very rich formula, however, then you will actually adore this line – it’s very very creamy and actually does a better job enveloping your lips in hydration than most lip balms. One thing to note is that the creamier the formulation, the easier it will be as well for the lipstick to break apart in the tube; this has actually happened to one of my Kosas and Nudus lipsticks. I do not apply Worth often and haven’t encountered this issue yet, however I have heard others complain of this.

I have tried many samples of their colors through Integrity Botanicals, and unfortunately I truly have not liked a lot of them. The colors are more sheer, save for a few very nicely pigmented colors, such as the one I own (Worth) – I would say Worth and Elusive are my favorite colors from the range. One pro is that they do have very unusual and unique colors in their line, from metallics to purples to greens, thus it greatly expands the options we are usually given in green beauty. I’m sure more risky makeup lovers will greatly appreciate the vast variety of unique shades the line provides, but as I said before, I personally stick to more traditional colors.

Overall, I’m not looking to purchase more lipsticks from the line. I have, however, heard great thing about their pencils. Assuming they are more firm and matte due to their nature, I am definitely looking forward to trying them out.

Packaging: Gold and gorgeous; Press on the bottom and lipstick with come out (opposite of W3ll People)

Formula: Very moisturizing, creamy, sheer

Finish: Satin

Color: Perfromance depends on color as most are more sheer; very unique and daring color line-up; In general not impressed with the color payoff

Verdict: Do not Recommend

RMS Beauty ($28)


RMS Beauty is another line that gives us a beautiful range of colors. I own two thus far and cannot wait to try out more! What you have to appreciate about makeup lines created by make-up artists are their variety of colors and performance. The lip2cheeks pots and foundation by RMS are generally are not very long-lasting (though very pigmented and creamy), yet this lipstick defies these odds characteristic of the rest of the line. Although it is made with oils and rich ingredients, it is still a firm and creamy, matte formula, which I find lasts quite a while. You don’t exactly get the smoothest application (just like the Optimist lipsticks from W3ll People), but again I prefer firmer formulas since they are longer lasting and they makes it very easy for me to obtain that ‘lip stain’ effect. It also is drying on my lips, thus I like to use a lip balm with it and suggest trying the same. Using a richer lip balm prior to application will also make it easier to apply smoothly if this is a concern for you.

This is the only lipstick I’ve seen in green beauty yet that has cylindrical casing rather than the traditional rectangular options, and the lipstick itself is shaped more circular than pointed. The casing is also very sturdy, holding up very, very well over time and in my purse. The aesthetic is a reflection of the founder, who has created a line that imbues modernity, simplicity, and bold impact – just as Kosas. I actually love this detail, because I just think it allows for a better application, and I don’t have to worry about my lipstick turning into a weird sharp shape after continuous use – but again this is just a preference and really doesn’t make a big difference hah.

Packaging: Cylindrical Casing; Shiny, sleek light gray casing; Simple yet statement

Formula: Creamy yet firm

Finish: Satin/matte

Color: Strong performance

Verdict: Highly Recommend

Spela Cosmetics ($18)


This is the only lip stain product I carry in my purse, and it has definitely won my heart for a number of reasons. The colors I own are Flirt, Spa Day, and Happy Hour – and each are gorgeous and super pigmented. I would say that Flirt and Happy Hour are both colors you can find more easily in other brands, but Spa Day is much more of a unique color. I am very satisfied with their color range although it is limited in number, and I am SO looking forward to trying new colors as they continue to expand the range.

I am the type of girl who prefers stains over richer lipsticks and glosses, for the reason that I love more of a natural look on the lips and that I prefer a satin/matte finish. No matter what product I will use on my lips, I always use my fingers to blend it out and remove any excess product; I actually use this method for all of the said lipsticks above. Having a good lip stain ensures a bit more longevity and a matte finish, as naturally in order to be a ‘stain,’  their formulations have to adhere to your lips better and be drier. The formula in Spela Cosmetics is wonderful in that it’s almost powdery, so you get a very nice matte finish after it dries – you do need to wait a minute or so for it to dry down though. I have been so pleasantly surprised by this release, as I was not expecting such a wonderful lip stain in green beauty that is pigmented, lasts long, and gives my desired finish. As with any matte lip stain or product, however, it can definitely be drying/accentuate dryness on the lips. Thus, if this is a concern make sure to use a lip balm prior/post-application. I myself will use either a lip liner, lipstick, or lip balm underneath.

Packaging: Typical Lip gloss/stain packaging

Formula: On the dry side; Powder-meets-Liquid feel

Finish: Satin/matte

Color: Strong performance

Verdict: Highly Recommend

Final words:

Overall, you can see we have diverse and wonderful choices when it comes to lipsticks. It comes down to whether you prefer more of a creamy consistency, to which colors become your ride-or-die, to whether you want full luxury or simple chic. I keep all of the above lipsticks in my purse at all times (minus Axiology and KW),  and depending on color mood or desired finish I will alternate my choices.

Here is a mini awards list 😉 …

Best Price: W3ll People

Favorite Color Range: Kosas

Longest-Lasting: W3ll People, Spela Cosmetics, RMS Beauty

Nicest Packaging: Kjaer Weis

Aesthetic + Perfomance: Y et Beaute

What are your own favorites?