Legendary Oil By Rahua & Hair Updates

Hey all!

Haircare Update

I wanted to give an update about the state of my hair since my last post here. As you know, the Hydration line by Rahua has been an absolute favorite of mine – but it hasn’t been as adored by my wallet. As much as I try to be conscious of how much product I use and resist washing my hair daily, one can’t deny this line consists of pricey products. For this reason, though all was going well and my hair looked great, I decided to stray from my routine and  try out cheaper alternatives. Thus, I purchased the Lemongrass and Argan Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner from Acure as well as the Sunflower and Citrus Shampoo from Andalou Naturals, both from Whole Foods.

What resulted? … The same insufferable, oily, sticky hair situation I’ve been encountering ever since I moved away from conventional hair-care. I was so upset during this time, but quickly repurchased Rahua (Classic, Voluminous, Hydration lines) and stopped use of all extra products and oils on my hair until the situation resolved itself. Once again, the purifying scrub I mentioned from Christophe Robin proved to be a savior. From this point on, I believe it’s important to incorporate some sort of a clarifying scrub into my routine at least once every two weeks. In this way, I think a lot of green hair-care brands will become a more viable option; since these brands don’t use harsh surfactants or ingredients that strip the hair, it’s a good idea to use gentle clarifying options once in a while to prevent buildup from all the rich ingredients such as waxes and oils. Along these lines, I’ve been wanting to try the Le Gommage scrub by Jordan Seban, as the formula is botanical-based, but I have yet to purchase the product.

I will gladly pay for a product knowing the quality and efficacy behind it, but nevertheless it’s always nice if you can find a cheaper alternative that doesn’t sacrifice these things. I would love to find a cheaper, clean alternative that doesn’t make my hair oily, but until then, RAHUA ALL THE WAY FOLKS! Now I say this, but of course we all know I will continue to experiment. 😉 One of my preferred choices would actually be a shampoo bar – it’s no secret I only buy Osmia soaps for the house, and I would love to eliminate the unnecessary packaging/fuss for my haircare products by also having them in a soap form. I may dip my toes into this again with Meow Meow Tweet, although my last choice from their line didn’t end too well.

Legendary Hair Oil by Rahua ($42 for 1.6 fl oz/47 ml)

Click here to purchase.

Although I’ve been working very hard to heal my hair by not bleaching, coloring, or styling (aside from blow drying), growing out hair that’s been bleached all-over is a long process, and the bottom portion of my hair is still very damaged. I’ve used different hair oils before, and although I’ve liked them a lot, none have come close to how much I’m obsessed with this new product.

Prior to the Legendary Oil by Rahua, I was using L’Huile from Jordan Seban and Milk from Reverie. Both are very good options that I would still recommend, but the results I experienced with the Legendary Oil has superseded the hair-care products I have tried thus far. Thus, I will no longer be repurchasing L’Huile or Milk. Further, I will no longer purchase two items from within the Rahua line itself: The Elixir Daily Hair Drops and the Cream Wax. Once again, these two aren’t bad options by any means, but I don’t need a billion items in my cabinet – just the best. If one formulation is better than another, then I don’t look back. For now, the Legendary oil does everything I need it too and I amen’t looking to replace it for a while. The former product mentioned (Elixir Daily Hair Drops), is so so SO pricey for a small amount, and quite honestly I couldn’t get used the the idea of only using 1-3 drops of oil on my hair. I fully support the idea of using the minimum amount of a product rather than overusing it, but after I rubbed the tiny amount of oil with my palms and prepared to spread it on my hair, I would by no means have enough product. Thus, I would add more drops and it would actually weigh down my hair quite easily; I couldn’t get to the perfect amount. I’m actually glad I didn’t love it, because I cannot see myself spending so much all over again. As for the Cream Wax, I used this product for fly-aways and frizz, but it didn’t keep my hair controlled for a long period of time. in addition, if I got overzealous in my mission to tame my fly-aways and used too much product, my hair would form sections of hard clumps.

Let’s now get into the details of the Legendary Amazon Oil. First off, I’m very impressed with how powerful the oil is with just one pump. I repeat, I only use only one pump and it does a fantastic job of eliminating frizz and fly-aways, as well as leaving my dry damaged ends very hydrated. I’ve pulled out a lot of hair before because it was simply too damaged after going blonde, and I was also left with a lot of broken strands which all gave me quite the Einstein appeal. I had to turn to waxier products to address the frizz and fly-aways (such as the Cream Wax from Rahua), but am more than satisfied that this product helped address these issues better than those aforementioned. I don’t think I’ve ever had my hair look so radiant/shiny/healthy (post-blonde) as when I started incorporating this product alongside the rest of the Rahua line. It almost tricks me into thinking I can bleach my hair again and never notice all the damage that comes with it….almost. The exact quantity you use will be different depending on your hair type and thickness, but the bottle lists one-two pumps under its usage instructions. I myself definitely cannot do over one pump on my short hair- anything more and my hair gets weighed down/greasy. I believe it’s best when used on wet, slightly air-dried hair. Try to focus the product on the lower half of your hair and not near your scalp – whatever product is left afterwords on my hands I then take on the top.

In addition to its wonderful performance, I also love the ingredient list, of course complete with the signature Rahua oil – goes to show you don’t need 100 items to go into an amazing product.

Ingredients: Organic Calendula Officinalis Flower Oil, Organic Decolorized Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Oil, Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Fruit Oil, Organic Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Oenocarpus Bataua (Rahua Ungurahua) Oil, Mauritia Flexuosa (Morete) Fruit Oil, Plukenetia Volubilis (Sacha Inchi) Seed Oil, Aroma, Gardenia Jasminoides (Gardenia Enfleurage) Oil

If you’re curious what ‘decolorized’ aloe leaf oil is, I was as well and reached out to Rahua. They use decolorized aloe leaf oil because it’s “lighter without the colored pigments and will not weigh hair down.” On further research, “The difference between decolorized and non-decolorized whole leaf extracts is mostly in how the leaf is processed or filtered. In many cases, manufacturers of oral products containing Aloe vera use a charcoal filtration process to decolorize and remove some of the components from the leaf […] (full link here)” As for the rest of the ingredients, they should be straightforward! I also want to state that although I think this product has a very lovely scent to it, some people may not like this. The smell, however, doesn’t bother me: as I talked about before, I’m sensitive to so many products that contain synthetic fragrance, but I’m more than okay with that from mother nature (unless it’s a skunk we’re talking about…).

In all, I am very satisfied with the Legendary Hair Oil – particularly with the fact that needing only one pump to get the job done will prolong my use and make good of my money! I will most certainly repurchase it when it’s done. Are you curious about this product? What are your own favorite hair-care brands?