Le Gommage By Jordan Seban

Le Gommage has been on my radar for a long time now, as I’ve been trying to find a dupe for the Purifying Salt Scrub by Christophe Robin. The latter helps my hair bounce back from when it becomes very sticky and oily, which as you know has been quite a common occurrence ever since delving into green beauty . Unfortunately, the second ingredient in the product is Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS), something I want to avoid. This is where Le Gommage comes in.

I’ve had this product in my possession for a about a month now, experimenting usage at different frequencies. I started off planning to use it once a week, but gradually built up to using it every other day. Sometimes I would use it two days in a row just to test out the result. Here is what happened:

Overly frequent use made my hair too dry. This was an oddly refreshing problem to experience because I’m so used to being on the extreme opposite end of the spectrum. I ran out of my favorite Rahua Hydration Conditioner and reverted to the Classic Conditioner from the line, which just doesn’t cut it for me. The Legendary Oil however prevented me from having very dry hair post blow-out. Thus, I can say that for me personally, weekly use is the most frequent I will go. I particularly like to use this after the days I use styling products (volume spray, salt spray, dry shampoo, oils, etc) to make sure they thoroughly wash out of my hair and don’t weigh it down. In this way, with more targeted use, this bottle will last you a really good while.

I took multiple pictures to give you a better idea of the gel texture, which you can see below. You will also notice the small particles (the exfoliants) dispersed throughout. I do really love the unique gel texture of the product as opposed to the very thick formulations you usually find in hair care in green beauty.

Once you apply the gel to your hair/scalp and add water, you will have a beautiful lather. You really only need a few dollops of product, as it very easy to spread around and very enjoyable to use. In the images below, I started out with only the product then slowly added some water. On your own hair, you will get an excellent lather, the most out of any other hair product I’ve tried in this space thus far.

I find that in its performance it is a wonderful, albeit cleaner dupe, to the Purifying Salt Scrub by Christophe Robin. Le Gommage, however, is definitely not as drying as with the salt scrub due to its gentler formulation. Another difference to note is that post-washing I still find some of the exfoliating particles in my hair, whereas in the case of the Christophe Robin Scrub the crystals dissolve completely. I personally rely on my fingers for my scalp massage and the Briogeo Scalp Massage tool – I would need a ton of micro-crystals if I were to really rely on them to massage my whole scalp and to not get stuck in my hair.

Overall, I am very impressed by the formula, and applaud Jordan Seban for coming out with a much-needed product in green beauty. I’m a BIG fan of the nozzle – the product is very easily dispensed and I’ve encountered no trouble with the packaging. It also has this lovely floral scent to it that is so fresh and refreshing. Once again, having the crystals in my hair post-washing is something I find as an inconvenience, but it doesn’t prevent me from purchasing again. Overall, I find that my shampoo from Act + Acre (review here) does such a nice job of keeping my hair clean and healthy, that I do not need to religiously use this product. Since it a stronger cleanser however than that from Act + Acre, I will make sure to keep it in my shower as part of my hair care routine, particularly for the days I use styling products.

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