Baking-Soda Free Deodorant: Agent Nateur vs Meow Meow Tweet

I’ve had my fair share of experience dealing with eczema, however for the most part after my teens this issue lay dormant. Except during some short intervals, I was predominantly free of this affliction. This past year, sadly, it came back and so I’ve been dealing with it ever since. After applying topical treatments and changing my diet, it’s minimal now and thus manageable, but at the time it was very frustrating to deal with. I do believe the worst of it was when I got a patch on my underarms (let’s just say now I don’t take smooth, non-itchy pits for granted)! Baking Soda had never been an issue for me before, but I quickly found out that it was certainly not a good idea anymore. Thus, I had to focus on deodorants more catered to sensitive skin. After discovering there existed options that were just as effective, it was a great relief. Here I’ll focus on the two I tried: Agent Nateur and Meow Meow Tweet.


MMT ~ Recyclable, cardboard, very fun and playful. I love how this brand took a non-plastic material and actually found a way to make it just as easy to work with. In order to obtain the product, you have to push up from the bottom and raise the deodorant as you use it up. This is actually very smooth and easy to do – in their initial stages I remember having a lot of difficulty with this, but since then it’s vastly improved. I give a lot of credit to the brand for making it work, especially when so many brands just stick to glass jars or plastic packaging.

In terms of scent, it’s fresh yet also underwhelming.

AN ~ Very luxurious – the complete opposite aesthetic from MMT. I personally go crazy over how beautiful AN products look. Plastic packaging. The lettering does fade over time, as you can see below with the Sensitive Holi(stick). I still obsess over the divine scent of Holi(rose), however this earthy alternative is also very pleasing.


MMT ~ I felt as though there was literally stone in place of a deodorant block – this thing got so solid that it wouldn’t let loose and melt even during the hot summer months! I found it very difficult to work with. You have to to soften the top layer with water and scrape it off to reveal a looser pastey consistency. If you don’t do this, it’s almost impossible to transfer some product onto your skin. You can see in the picture below where I did this, and you can see the textural differences after I scraped some off. The whole reason I purchase deodorant in stick form is so I don’t get my hands messy, so this really does defeat the whole purpose.

Up close you can really see the firm dark yellow layer at the back, which I had to peel off in order to reveal the pastier consistency underneath .

AN ~ Candelila Wax gives this Agent Nateur product a very nice, waxy texture. It doesn’t leave your underarms sticky and transfers onto the skin with ease. That being said, there is a thin film that remains on my skin until the end of the day. Though not sticky or bothersome, I can visibly see a waxy film that remains across my razor when I shave under my arms and have used this deodorant in the morning. In general, I really love how the formula is so firm yet so easy to spread – oftentimes, I find natural formulas either too creamy or too hard. This is the perfect medium. I want a firm consistency that doesn’t leave my underarms feeling wet, but certainly not as firm as the MMT alternative.

Below, you can better observe the differences between the classical formula and the sensitive version: while one consistency is more pastey and airy, the other looks more dense and solid.

Sensitive Version
Original Holi(stick)
Original Holi(stick) and Sensitive Version

Ultimately, both leave an imperceptible sheen on the skin that doesn’t show on my clothing.

AN (top), MMT (bottom)
Lasting Power

MMT ~ I’ve always found the MMT deodorants – whether they contained baking soda or not – to be very long-lasting and reliable products. Through lounging indoors and through physical activity outdoors, I remain happily odor-free.

AN ~ Performs just as well as the rest of the line that contains baking soda, and is also reliable whether indoors or outdoors.


MMT ~ I’ve had a love affair with their Eucalyptus Lemon deodorant for a while now, albeit it does contain baking soda. Now that my skin is settling down, I would hands down say that product is one I would gladly return to using. I’ve also used their cream formulations from a jar, and though it was quite messy and I don’t like using my hands too much, that formulation has also worked for me. Overall, I believe MMT has a solid reputation for reliable deodorants, but this Cedar Spruce baking soda- free alternative makes reaping the benefits very difficult with its overly firm, rock-hard deo stick. I do see some slight variations of formula with the other options from the baking-soda free line, so perhaps those work better. I’m not dying to try them out, however, to test it out.

AN ~ I am the biggest fan of the Rose scent from holi(rose), however this formulation has won my heart over. I prefer this firm yet spreadable wax formulation to the rest of the line, and it works so well for sensitive and normal skin. I don’t have a desire to try any other baking-soda free deodorants as of now, since this has become my go-to.