Skincare Routine 3.0

Hey guys!

I decided I’m finally ready to do a highly requested skincare update after a little over one year. Let’s start with the most popular topic. I’ve had many people ask me whether or not I am still using Oumere. The answer is yes- ever since I’ve wrote those reviews I stuck to my said routine of using Oumere and maintaining the habits I spoke about. As someone who was addicted to trying products, it was a huge relief to stick to such a reliable and simple routine. After being so consistent and seeing such good results, I finally felt ready to explore other ingredients/products and assess their results as of the past couple of months. Some of the products I’m currently using won’t fall into the “green” category, but more on that later. Here’s my main daily routine: 


Cleanser (not daily)- Dr. Sam Bunting Flawless Cleanser

Hydrating serum- Trying a sample of Ambrosia by YÜLI, Flavo-C Ultraglican ampules by ISDIN, UV-R serum by Oumere

Antioxidants/serum- Flavo-C Ultraglican ampules by ISDIN, A. Florence Skincare Anti-Pollution Serum, YÜLI Liquid Courage

*Wait a few minutes for skincare to absorb*

Sunscreen – ISDIN Eryfotona Actinica

*Wait a few minutes then apply my Westman Atelier foundation*

Three times a week instead of cleansing my face I will use: Oumere No.9 exfoliant 


First Cleanse- Drunk Elephant Cleansing Balm/Cosmedix Purity Oil Cleanser

Second CleanseDr. Sam Bunting Flawless Cleanser

Serum – Dr Sam Bunting Flawless Nightly Serum

Moisturizer – Dr Sam Bunting Light Moisturizer or A.Florence Skincare Light Rehab Cream

Oumere Products – What’s Changed/stayed the same?

Oil Dissolution Cleanser: The oil cleanser simply got too expensive for me to continue repurchasing, although I do still love it. I would use it in large amounts since I wear makeup a lot and like to double cleanse, thus I simply used it up too quickly. I am experimenting with balm/oil cleansers now that also have gentle surfactants and I have to say I am appreciating their effect more. 

Exfoliant: My love for the Oumere exfoliant has not changed. I’ve toned down its use from daily to 3 times a week. Once again it remains the Number 1 product I recommend from the line.

UV-R Serum: After trying to find a cheaper replacement for the UVR serum, I reverted back to it as I love how hydrating the fluid is and it’s unique effects for reversing damage.

Serum Bioluminelle: I use this serum much less frequently, but still incorporate in my routine some nights. This is due to the fact that I’m using the Nightly Serum by Dr. Sam Bunting most of my nights.  

Habits – Am I going to continue? 

Masks: I have honeslty found that I still don’t need masks since my skincare routine serves my skin so well. That being said, I do now have the YÜLI mask in my arsenal since as of a few months ago, as I noticed it really does help clean up stubborn clogged areas. I’ll use this once a month just in t-zone area – yup, literally once a month.

Essential Oils/Fragrance/Hyaluronic Acid: I still try to avoid essential oil and fragrance as much as possible in my products, but I’m no longer following the “100% never” strategy. If I’m using a product (skin or cosmetic) that I love and it contains said ingredients, then so be it. This applies most recently to an oil cleanser I tried in an attempt to replace the Oil Dissolution Theory Cleanser from Oumere- Purity Cleansing Oil by Cosmedix. It contains essential oils, but I used it anyways (especially since a cleanser has such little contact time with the skin). I also started to be okay with using products that contain hyaluronic acid. Ultimately, I learned to be okay with not saying ‘no’ 100% of the time, as I did in the past two years. This latter ingredient I still haven’t made up on my mind on whether I actually like/need it, but I’ll be re-exploring this once again.

Cleansing: I still try to keep this to a limit in the mornings/in the shower. It got quite hot during the summers so during this period I definitely cleansed in the mornings, but for winter I’m back to limiting this. In the end I listen to my skin – if it feels extra oily or sweaty, I cleanse. If it feels dry, I don’t. It’s that simple.

Sunscreen: I’ve become very good about using this product daily now, whereas pre-Oumere I’m a little ashamed to say I would rarely use it. Finding the right product that doesn’t break me out and that plays well with make-up has been key.

What Are The New Products?

The main difference you will see in my routine is that I’ve incorporated Dr. Sam Bunting’s products. Normally I wouldn’t be swayed by a dermatologist’s products, but after seeing the reviews from Cycille Laurent and Andre from his instagram account @wearebats (all credit to them for convincing me to try this line), I decided to give it the Flawless Nightly Serum a go. I have to say that it’s now equal to the Oumere exfoliant as my number one product. It contains 4 amazing actives: Granactive Retinoid, Azelaic Acid, Bakuchiol, and Niacinamide.

My skin texture continues to improve, and my pigmentation/scars and fine lines are diminished. I thought I had glowy skin with my Oumere only routine, but this routine topped even that! 

You may say- why aren’t you using the conventional “green beauty” serums – and I have a lot of words for this. Lately it’s been getting crazy and driving me crazy as well- there’s a lot of unnecessary fear mongering over certain ingredients and I’m just not for snake oil claims that allege to cure certain diseases and what not. For example, I’ve always been okay with the use of phenoxyethanol as a preservative (used in Oumere products), and I agree with the brand formulator that there is a lot of ill-rooted fear-mongering over it. That’s just the tip of the iceberg but I won’t into all of the examples. I originally was attracted to green beauty because I loved how the companies were so conscious of their creations – from sustainability to making sure corners weren’t cut on ingredients (not all of course), and I loved the idea that there were so many dedicated people out there trying to make a positive difference.

I’ve been on both sides before experience wise, and I find a balance is best. I’ve been to a naturopath when I was younger, and I’ve been to different doctors. Taking certain herbs gave me the worst pain of my life, and putting on cream for my eczema without changing my diet and lifestyle didn’t do much good either. I do agree that science is always progressing what we know and so we are continuously learning, but I’m not for there being so much fear based on unscientific claims. When it comes down to it, a balance is best and I hope the future of beauty is clean, non-snake oil based progressions. If a product works and I love it, I’m going to use it and try to be conscious about it at the same time. I’m more than okay with not being 100%. It doesn’t mean I’m abandoning the products I love from ‘green beauty,’ but it also means I choose to continue to blog without this label, and future posts will feature a mix of both worlds. Look out for some changes on the site to match up my current routines and new additions! You can already see that since the last Oumere posts I’ve ceased from writing skincare reviews, and it’ll follow in that pattern until I actually have something I want to share and recommend with you guys, like now. Otherwise, I enjoy focusing on makeup/haircare/etc. If there’s something you guys want to see more of, let me know.

No matter what your perspective is, you can take away some great products from this update. I highly recommend Dr Sam Buntings line and will use it alongside my Oumere products. Let me know if you’ve used any products I’ve recommend and how it’s been going, always love hearing from you guys! Also, on my Oumere review pages I put up my referral code for 15% off for first-time customers. I originally didn’t want to put the link up in case it felt less authentic, but after a year and quite a few people telling me how they want to try the line, I’ve finally put it up. know it’s an expensive line so hopefully this helps you try out the product you’re most excited for. Act+ Acre’s referral link will actually get you guys 20% off! Again, please let me know if you end up trying the products and how you feel about them :).

What About The Rest?

~I’m still alternating oil cleansers/balm cleansers so I won’t suggest any just yet (I’ve tried about 4 different products already). The Drunk Elephant Cleanser is just my most recent purchase but I am not so completely in love with it to re-purchase.

~The A.Florence Skincare line was very nice, but admittedly I’m not as smitten with the products I tried as with Oumere and Dr Sam Bunting. These products included the Anti-Pollution Serum, and the Rehab Cream in Light. I am however eyeing a few more products to try out from the line. I share the same opinion about the Apothaka skincare line, in which I tried their Comforting Oil Booster (great oil, I just didn’t reach for it often) and Oil Cleanser (nothing special for me).

~I ADORE the ISDIN sunscreen- so light and milky and doesn’t break me out! It’s been my go-to ever since I discovered it. The sunscreen from the Dr. Sam Bunting line broke me out, whereas this didn’t at all. The vitamin C ampules from the line I mentioned before are also becoming another favorite of mine. I’m going to try out a few more antioxidant serums, however, before confirming if they are my absolute favorite.