My name is Vivian, and I have a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from USC.

As anyone who is close to me can attest to, I have been obsessed with health and wellness for quite some time now. Starting from when I started to experience health issues around middle school, I have been on a journey to see my world in green and become more conscious of what surrounds me and my environment. I actually chose the blog name vsafaria because “Safar,” based on my last name, translates to journey.

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From…Online Etymology Dictionary

It’s not something that happened at once, and it was a very long journey full of experimentations and trials, as I didn’t have anyknowledge or experience, but it has definitely paid off.

My passion isn’t just in health and well-being for people, however, but for Mother Nature as well- I actually originally wanted to be an Environmental Engineer. This is one area I still need to work on, such as using less plastic, wasting less food, being more eco-concious in product choices, etc. Another journey to embark on!

That being said, I can’t deny I’m also greatly obsessed with all things beauty. To say I shopped at Sephora a lot is a bit of an understatement- cough…VIB Rouge card. My world was red red red, definitely not green. Naturally, I was buying products that were toxic and harmful for my skin, as I had a trivial understanding of what was good/bad for me. This began to change as I got into USC, and I started to pay more attention to my choices. I would attempt to buy skincare products that were at least somewhat green-washed, so even though I didn’t care to fully understand the consequences of toxic ingredients, I was trying to find products that weren’t too “bad” as far as ingredients were concerned. Makeup was a different story of course, I used all those common luxury brands because let’s face it, the packaging was gorgeous, and the volume you got on those lashes was the real deal.

It wasn’t actually around two or three years ago that I started to fully get into non-toxic beauty. I always had a voice in my head drawing me towards a healthier lifestyle- I just never actually paid COMPLETE attention to it. Since the green movement wasn’t as widespread as it is now, it was also a lack of exposure that prevented me from fully pursuing it. But I do know one thing that definitely helped me pay attention to- it was Kypris Beauty. While combing the internet one day, I remember that I came across an article featuring one of their cult products – the Moonlight Catalyst. Literally the first thing that came to my head was: “Wow that is some gorgeous packaging, I need this…right now…and it’s natural….and it has all those benefits? Done.” I’M NOT EVEN ASHAMED TO SAY BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING WAS WHAT REALLY BEGAN MY TRANSITION INTO NON-TOXIC BEAUTY. And…ahem…I shortly bought said product right after.

After that, I was looking to buy more green products, and it was here that I met Integrity Botanicals. I was so surprised there was a literal green Sephora, I felt like my dreams came true. *Side note: so many people I make recommendations to STILL don’t know all these wonderful green vendors even exist- there is still such little knowledge about how to find/purchase products from the green world aside from Whole Foods.* They made it so easy to be introduced to so many wonderful green brands – it’s so much easier to make better choices when you have access to the proper knowledge, blogs, vendors. I myself didn’t even realize these green vendors existed, and as I kept researching, found so many more! My purchases continued and I slowly but surely turned my back on Sephora.

From there on, it was all about trying new things and discovering all the shades of green. I have since experimented with SO many brands. My first non-toxic makeup product I bought? W3ll People! Their powder foundation was a big risk for me since I thought foundation would actually be the hardest switch to make, but I was totally wrong because I immediately used up my sample size when I wore it to a work event for my sister. I mean in my experimentations with which products would become my “Holy Grails,” I definitely spent a few months with the wrong colors on my face (back in the day Gressa only had their foundation in the shade 3), but oh how I’ve learned what to use.

I am now at a place where I’m just so excited with all that I’ve discovered, that I want to help others too in their journey. I’ve encouraged my own family members and friends to start that transition- and they’ve all loved my recommendations thus far (thankfully, because I’ve went on about everything from floss to foundation, and I’ve probably racked their brains from talking so much). *Another side note- my mom and sister are totally my side hamsters, I often experiment either on them or alongside them hah.* I promise to always give you real and honest opinions, knowledge, and advice- only the best! I know having someone would have helped me out a lot, so hopefully you will enjoy following me. 🙂